Advantages of Php

13 Key Advantages of PHP Development For Newcomers

October 16, 2022

PHP is one of the most preferred languages for web development and it was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP programming language allows developers to make changes in their database and create dynamic page content.

PHP programming language is compatible with the majority of servers and it is supported by operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux, etc. PHP is an easy-to-learn and free-to-use programming language, users can build an e-commerce website and restrict users from visiting any webpage. PHP allows you to open, read, create, write, and close any file on the system.

Advantages of php

PHP is an embedded language, and you can use it with HTML, XML, JavaScript, WML, etc. You can use various supporters like Apache, Tornado, Netscape, Caudium, etc. PHP is a partial object-oriented language and hence you also get the feature of code reusability.

PHP is a simple, efficient, and flexible programming language and you can connect it with various databases. You get regular updates provided by the community and these regular updates make PHP a perfect language for web development. The PHP programming language can be used in server-side scripting, command-line scripting, and writing desktop applications. The most important feature of using PHP programming language is that it supports a wide range of databases.

These are the advantages of PHP programming language. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and it is usually preferred for web development because of the frameworks and various amazing features. There are numerous PHP job opportunities available in the market. You can easily take PHP training at LogicRays Academy to pursue career in PHP development field.

List of Advantages of PHP Development

What Are the Key Advantages of PHP Development Environment?

PHP is a widely used and very popular programming language. There are many programming languages for web development but mostly developers prefer PHP programming because it is simple and has various features. Here, we have mentioned the advantages of PHP development and why the developers prefer it.

1. Stability

PHP is a stable programming language compared to other programming languages. As we know that PHP gets regular updates and these updates make the PHP programming language more reliable and stable. The stability of this programming language makes it easy for developers to work on PHP-based applications and websites. PHP is considered as the best server-side programming language.

2. PHP Compatibility with Other Technologies

PHP Compatibility with Other Technologies

PHP is an advanced technology compatible with many operating systems. PHP can run on different platforms without the need for re-development. Below are some platforms that PHP is compatible with:

  • UNIX: PHP can be integrated with Unix without the need for additional time or money
  • Solaris: PHP has synergy with Solaris 
  • Linux: PHP can be integrated without effort with other technologies, such as Java.
  • Excellent combinability with HTML: PHP offers embedded HTML programming, which is the reason for the incredible synergy between these two technologies. 

3. Compatible with Clouds

Compatible with Clouds

Modern products use cloud computing solutions for various purposes. Cloud computing is not controlled by other coding languages but by PHP. A PHP application is deployed on a cloud server that helps to achieve excellent scalability. Applications that are written in PHP are also supported by different cloud services.

4. Cost Efficient

PHP is a web language that is open-source and completely free. It can work efficiently with databases like MySQL, Apache, and PostgreSQL at a lower cost than developing a website with PHP. It is not cost-efficient as there is no expense involved in purchasing expensive software and licenses.

5. Platform Independent

You can use PHP programming language on almost all operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, etc. All the applications or websites developed with PHP programming language can run on almost every platform. You can easily integrate PHP programming language with other programming languages and databases. As PHP is platform independent it saves up a lot of time and money and makes it a more efficient programming language.

6. Simple and Easy

PHP is a simple programming language that has well organized syntax. The code is clean and easily understandable. If you have knowledge about other programming languages, then you can easily learn and work on PHP programming languages. The command functions are also easy to understand and developers can easily perform any function. You can easily master the PHP programming language.

7. Database


With PHP frameworks you can work on various relational databases. PHP programming language has built-in modules that helps users to connect to databases easily and securely. The database connection helps in the development of web applications and this eventually reduces the time to connect to a data management system. PHP programming language supports various databases like MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

8. Community Support

One of the major advantages of using the PHP programming language is that it offers huge community support and it is easy to learn. Huge community means a lot of developers will be working on building tools that will make the development in the language easy and efficient. The community support helps new developers in writing code and web development. PHP programming language gives more control to the website developer. There are no complicated scripts which eventually helps developers in creating dynamic content.

9. Flexibility

PHP is a very flexible programming language. It allows developers to easily make changes in their code and add new features and functionality in their code throughout the development stages. Because of the flexibility of PHP programming language developers can save up a lot of time.

10. Security

PHP is a very secure programming language. The frameworks and tools of PHP programming language makes it easy for developers to keep the applications protected from various security threats. Different security threats include SQL Injection, Cross site scripting, data tampering, etc. PHP allows you to implement two or more step authentication system and the PHP users can create a secure, random token and store it on a website.

11. Frameworks

Frameworks are generally used to save up a lot of time and fasten the development process. By using the frameworks, you can easily reuse the same code repeatedly and there is no need to write the same complex code for any application. You can build more stable applications with the help of frameworks and it also makes coding simpler. One of the most popular frameworks of the PHP is Laravel. Laravel comes with built-in templates and you can easily manage complex web applications.

Codeigniter is a simple, free, and easy to use framework that is generally used for creating dynamic web applications quickly. The most preferred framework of PHP programming language is Symfony. Symfony is used to develop complex and large-scale enterprise projects and it is very popular among developers. Some of the other popular PHP programming language frameworks are CakePHP, FuelPHP, Zend framework, etc. All these frameworks are user-friendly and make development easy.

12. Superb Loading Speed

PHP technology makes website pages load fast. PHP is better compared to other web development technologies. The language is more rapid than Python for most scenarios. It offers competitive advantages in terms of loading time which is an important SEO ranking factor. A higher application speed keeps customers satisfied.

13. Maintenance

One of the best PHP features and advantages for common operation scenarios for the website includes the LAMP stack. These components are free, well-tested, and reduce the required time and funds to maintain and develop. The website runs on an Apache HTTP server deployed on a Linux system. It uses MySQL as its database.

Every coin has 2 sides and despite having lots of advantages, there are very few disadvantages

Disadvantages of PHP 

PHP is helpful in web development. It has a few disadvantages that prevent it from dominating that area. Some penalties are detailed below:

1. Limited Specific Libraries

PHP has its libraries and doesn’t compete with Python in developing web applications. PHP doesn’t offer such fast and effective alternatives. So, if your app needs ML functionality or needs in the future for a growing business, PHP is not the ideal choice.

2. Quality of Handling Errors

PHP has poor quality in terms of error handling without any debugging tools. They are needed to look for errors or warnings. PHP has fewer debugging tools than other programming languages and is tough to manage.

Near Future of Php

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We can understand its business benefits by looking at the advantages of using PHP in web development. It is extensively famous and accessible, and well-documented. This reduces the development process and is highly flexible. Thus, if the language is used judiciously and well-intentioned, it can be used for a long time.