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IT Sales & Business Development Training at LogicRays Academy

IT industry is an evolving one and trade practices of the industry change quite fast. Therefore, it is essential that you stay up-to-date with the current as well as emerging technical trends. This is where LogicRays can help.

Our IT Sales Training & Business Development Training in Ahmedabad teaches you about striking a balance between the revenue and sales targets. This training course focuses on how to generate business leads through online presence for promotional and networking activities. Additionally, the course will guide you on meeting your client's expectations on cost, functionality, quality, and support.

What is IT Sales?

As an IT sales professional, you will deal with a client to provide the appropriate IT products as per their requirements. In order to understand their technical needs and suggest the right hardware and software solutions, you must have a firm knowledge of IT technologies.

The Role of an IT Sales Professional

  • Pre-sales
  • sales
  • post sales support.
  • Pre-sales involves generating business leads and finding prospective clients for your company. It requires you to provide technical details of different IT products to your customers. Additionally, you must understand the requirements of the customer and offer the set of available solutions.
  • sales role involves actual selling of the IT product. In this role, you must possess the soft-skills to negotiate the best deal from your client while selling an IT solution.
  • post sales support involves dealing with the clients after you sell them the IT product. This includes providing installation, trouble-shooting and training to help your client in making the most from your product.
Why You Need to Learn IT Sales & Business Development?

As you might have understood by now, succeeding in IT sales requires a different approach than conventional sales jobs. This is why it is important to enroll in a training course in IT Sales & Business Development. In this IT sales training course, a professional expert will be able to guide you with all the required aspects of IT sales from generating new leads, understanding the current IT trends to build customer trust. All these factors will boost your sales skills and give you an edge over your competitors. As a result, you will be able to seize the opportunities and improve the performance of your company in IT industry.

Want to know more about IT business sales training courses, you can contact us or visit LogicRays Academy center.

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