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IOS Training course

The experience in computer science has given Swift an edge over other languages. It provides a smooth syntax and modern features for the developer to use.

Back up from the top tech company, Swift is becoming the dominant language for iOS and further developments. The latest optimization in the programming language is making it developers' favourite language to develop iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It is presently in use to develop the latest iPadOS for Apple.Inc.

The latest extensions of Swift also support platforms like Windows and Linux and are rapidly growing in the industry making it an important language to learn.

One of the top iOS training institutes, LogicsRay offers an extensive course to learn Swift, with theory and hands-on practice on the application.

What is IOS

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc.

And the open-source community. First released in 2014, Swift was developed as a replacement for Apple's earlier programming language Objective-C, as Objective-C had been largely unchanged since the early 1980s and lacked modern language features.

Why to choose iOS

It’s a race between the 2 OS Android and iOS. The main benefit or core part of iOS is it not compromise with the app quality. So the app developed by this platform offers the best user experience and support to users.

Why iOS at LogicRays

If you really want to become an iOS developer, join our placement oriented iPhone Training Course and learn to program for the iPhone Apps with Logicrays Academy. LogicRays is the best iOS application development academy where you will learn how to use Xcode tools, the Objective-C programming language, swift4, and the core frameworks with live iPhone App development project implementation.

Our expert iOS faculties would educate you with coding, designing and developing iPhone applications, resulting in a great career in a well-established iOS App development company as a mobile app developer. LogicRays offers online iOS training to learn from your own place.

  • Concepts of C
  • Concepts of SDLC
  • Concepts of software engineering
  • Fundamental of programming

LogicRays Academy Ahmedabad Center is located at Prahladnagar.

For any questions, Visit us or more details, career Counselling, and free-demo Whatsapp or Call us.

ios Course Details
  • What are programming standard
  • Importance of programming standards
  • Benefits of using pro standards
  • Programming standard in detail
  • Good programming habit
  • Unit testing & its importance
  • Introduction to swift
  • Variable,constants,data type
  • Codecomment,operands,operators
  • Statements
  • If else,switch statements,
  • Array dictionaries,date and other datatypes
  • Enum,structure,clouser
  • Oops with swift
  • Type check and any object
  • Protocol extension and error handling
  • Working with classes
  • Generics and extensions
  • Method overriding,initialization and deinitialization
  • Error Handling and protocol
  • Introduction to Xcode
  • COCOA touch framework
  • Ios application architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Mvc architecture
  • Interface builder,XIB,Nib,Storyboard files
  • View controller ,view,view lifecycle
  • Basic controls-cable,buttons,textfile ,image,view
  • Table view with default cells & customized cells
  • Pickerview, datepicker,scrollview navigation tab bar controller
  • Understanding interface builder ,XIB file
  • Creative outlets &action
  • Handling touch& gesture event’
  • Segment & page control switch view,UI alert view
  • Introduction to data storage method in IOS
  • Using Core Data,sqlite DB,user default ,property list
  • What are web services
  • Why do we use web services
  • How application function with the help of web services
  • JSON parsing,XML parsing
  • Get and post method
  • Playing audio&video
  • Capturing image using Camera
  • Getting image from gallery
  • Sending mail & SMS from app
  • Introduction to map
  • Working with pin annotations
  • Using storyboard to design the app
  • Introduction to methods used for passing the data from one to another view controller
  • Split view controller
  • Page view controller
  • Introduction to auto-layout
  • Working with constraints
  • Using constraints to change view size
  • Programmatically control the view
  • Introduction to multithreading
  • Multithreading in iosApp
  • Using NSThread,NSoperation,NSoperationQueue,GCD
  • Social framework
  • Email-message sending
  • Introduction to notification
  • NSNotification and NSNotification center,UILocalNotification,push Notification Service
  • An overview to setup and use third party library
  • Introduction to bundle ID,ApplD,Certification
  • Making a build
  • Posting App to Appstore
  • Using Testflight

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