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Node Js Training at Logicrays Academy

Logicrays Academy help you start your journey in becoming a professional Node expert with its most sought-after training program. The curriculum designed by industry experts and technology consultants is on par with what is trending right now and gives you an opportunity to concrete your basics to apply your skills and knowledge in the industry.

With Node Js Training in Ahmedabad - Logicraysacademy.com, you will master yourself in using different events, stream and modules. Moreover, you will get understanding on how to communicate with database and debug the applications. Our professional trainers will help you learn the latest Express application framework, designing cutting-edge web applications and more…

What is Node JS?

Node js is a server technology that is used to design and develop a variety of web applications. The language is quite like other popular frameworks like Spring, ASP.NET or RoR. Learning Node js helps you get insights on how you can control web servers, design event-diagram programs, and various scripts for the web applications.

With Node js, you can develop social media apps, video and text chat engines, real-time tracking apps and more. Moreover, various popular online social media platforms like LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix etc. are leveraging from the power of Node.js.

Why You Need to Learn Node js?

Logicrays Academy offers expert authored Node.js training course to help you boost your software knowledge to the next level. Enrolling for the Node Js Training in Ahmedabad - Logicraysacademy.com will help you learn other facets of developing applications, including dependency management, templating, unit testing, deployment and more.

Real time
Why you should register at LogicRays Academy for learning Node js course in Ahmedabad?
  • Helps you leverage from cutting-edge ES6/ES7 javascript
  • Get mentored by the industry best Node.js experts
  • Hands-on experience working on real-world projects
  • Get benefit of job placement assistance

Master the latest Node js principles and practices from experts with best-in-class experience.

For any questions, you can contact us or visit LogicRays Academy center.

Node Js Course Details

Good Knowledge of JavaScript

  • what is nodejs and why
  • Advantages and dis
  • How js different (java vs node)
  • Downloading and installing NodeJS
  • Create a simple node application
  • The NodeJS Terminal
  • NodeJS package manager NPM
  • Creating a package for managing your application
  • What is a module
  • Require and module exports
  • Using core modules
  • Node apps and managing a file system
  • Creating and deleting files and directories
  • Making a simple server
  • When to use HTTP and HTTPs
  • Server ports and listening
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Request and response headers and body
  • Creating a response to incoming requests
  • Building a simple HTTP server with static files
  • What is the express framework
  • How it differs to using HTTP and other core modules
  • Creating an express application
  • Making an HTTP internal server
  • Attaching express to an external server
  • The role of semantic requests
  • Socket programming
  • Real-time communication with node
  • Accessing nodejs with database
  • Creating chat server with nodejs
  • What does RESTful mean?
  • Manipulating data via a route
  • Typical semantic requests for routing an API
  • Persisting data through JSON
  • The role of database technology
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