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Learn React Js at LogicRays Academy

When it comes to design beautiful front-end applications, React JS brings a whole host of benefits for the developers. React JS training course from LogicRays is designed to help the fresher or experienced developers to get familiar with the key features and built-in offerings to develop lively applications.

Our course is focused on helping individuals understand how React JS can be used design reusable front-end applications. The training will help individuals to develop skills, knowledge, and in-depth understanding on various facets of React JS.

What is React JS?

React JS’s scalable, flexible, and robust community of developers has made it one of the most loved programming languages these days. It is one of the most advanced and newest tools to design interactive user interfaces for applications. As compared to any other UI design tools, it is more convenient and that is what makes learning React JS a worth investment for the new age developers.

Why You Need to Learn React JS?

In today’s time, mobile is everywhere and to expand your professional network it is important that you learn how to make mobile-friendly applications. React JS helps you make the mobile-compatible UI components. If you are not aware about JavaScript, learning React JS would help you master the JavaScript as well. Moreover, it will help you expand your professional reach

Development efficiency
High performance
Easy to
Why You Should Register at LogicRays for Learning React Js course In Ahmedabad?
  • Get strong understanding of the JSX components
  • Benefit of gaining expertise in JavaScript
  • Industry-best technical experts to support you develop your React JS skills
  • Proven and well-tested teaching methods for the newbie programmers
  • Get benefit of job placement assistance

Give your creativity a new wing by learning React Js from us!

For any questions, you can contact us or visit LogicRays Academy center.

React Js Course Details
  • HTML, Css and JavaScript
  • Basics of programming
  • What react is and what not?
  • Advantages
  • Limitations
  • How react works (underneath layers) ?
  • JS vs JSX
  • React Components
  • HTML attributes e.g. class, div and id etc
  • Child Components and Namespaced components
  • Javascript expressions in JSX like attribute, boolean or child expression
  • View an ReactJS application in Plunker
  • Setup Cloud9
  • Using npm&package.json file
  • Webpack& ES6 Introduction
  • Organizing your source code
  • React browser plugin
  • A simple react component with JSX template
  • Nesting Components
  • React render
  • React Props
  • Props validation with data types
  • States, Initialize states and update states
  • Form components e.g. input, textarea
  • Controlled form components
  • Uncontrolled form components
  • Checkboxes and Radios
  • Select box with default selected value
  • Form validation
  • Styles
  • Animation Introduction
  • Initial Render
  • Props Change
  • Stage Change
  • Component Unmount
  • React Router configuration
  • Router History
  • If-else in JSX
  • IIFE in JSX for complex logic
  • onClick, onKeyUp and other useful events in React
  • Sharing events across the components
  • CSS and inline styles
  • Setting up the react for React bootstrap
  • Implementing the react bootstrap components
  • Loading the router library
  • Router configuration
  • Passing and receiving parameters
  • React-cookie integration
  • What is Flux Architecture?
  • Flux Components
  • Stores
  • Dispatchers
  • View Controllers
  • Actions
  • Views
  • How Flux works
  • Flux and React
  • One Store
  • Provider Component
  • Actions
  • Reducers
  • Redux application development
  • Tools for Unit testing
  • React Unit testing
  • JEST
  • React Component testing
  • React Router Testing
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