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Web Designing Training

When it comes to website design, it is all about a stunning visual appearance of any website! And that’s what we teach to our trainees when they enroll for our web designing course in Ahmedabad.

Over the years we have been providing professional training of designing a website using advanced technologies. The web design course has been designed for students and professionals willing to make their career in the field of front-end development. With the help of skilled faculties and state-of-the-art learning facilities, we have been helping the individuals establishing their career in the IT industry.

What is Web Design?

When we are planning to launch any website, we must think about its appearance and look ‘n’ feel. Web designing is a process of creating a visual appearance of any website, portal or application using a variety of front-end technologies. It is one of the most important aspect of any website because it defines how you represent your brand or business to your target audience. A well designed website can bring a whole host of benefits for your clients, which at the end bring repetitive business for you as web designer!

Why You Need to Learn Web Design?

Learning a web design and become a designer will bring a lot of benefits to boost your career. The web designers can make a lot of money. It helps you bring out the creative side of yours by working on a variety of domains and industries. The designing industry is still growing and being a designer will put you in a condition where you can get jobs easily in the market.

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Why You Should Register at LogicrRays for Learning Web Design Course In Ahmedabad?
  • Helps you learn advanced technologies and languages like HTML5, CSS, JS, Jquery and a lot more
  • Preparing and assisting you in getting better job opportunities
  • Globally recognized trainers to sharpen your skills
  • Proven and well-tested teaching methods for the newbie programmers

Want to bring out your hidden creativity? Get in touch with us to know more about our course!

For any questions, you can contact us or visit LogicRays Academy center.

Web Designing Course Details
  • Introduction to World Wide Web
  • What is Web designing
  • Home page and web page
  • What is Html?
  • Html editor (sublime3)
  • Extension -html or .htm
  • How to add images in web page
  • How to use Anchor tag
  • Html Attributes
  • Html tags
  • How write paragraph in web page
  • Hadding tag
  • Add basic style in text
  • How to add colors
  • Formating of the text
  • Images File path
  • Images add in web page background or page title
  • Picture element
  • Image map and its shape
  • HTML in List
  • HTML in Table
  • I-Frame
  • Block level tags
  • Inline tags
  • HTML 4 vs HTML 5
  • HTML Forms
  • Form-attribute
  • Input-types
  • Input-attributes
  • Html website layout
  • HTML responsive Tag
  • Add Audio and Video in Web page
  • Introduction
  • What is CSS
  • Type of CSS
  • Css Comments
  • How to add CSS In your HTML pages
  • Css Colors
  • Css selectors
  • Css borders Style
  • Css Border side and it's all property
  • Css Ouiline and it's all property
  • Css offset
  • Css Margin and it's Property
  • Css Padding and it's all property
  • Css background and it's property
  • Box model talking about design
  • Height and width Parameters
  • How to use font-family
  • Add google font
  • Font decoration
  • Font shadow Basic
  • Text alignments
  • Inside text add images
  • Text transformations
  • Text spacing
  • Responsive Font
  • Box-icon add in css
  • Bootstrap-Icon
  • How to use display & its properties
  • Element positions its property
  • Z-index
  • How to center an images
  • Layout-overflow
  • Css Float
  • Combinators selector and its types
  • Css opacity on image hover and div
  • How to create navbar and navs using ul and li
  • How to create tooltip
  • Pseudo-classes
  • Pseudo-elements
  • Anchor-pseudo-class
  • Before after Pseudo
  • Image-gallery project
  • Drop-Down with hover
  • How to add style in form
  • Create search Design with image
  • Css as calculator
  • Css counters and !Important rule
  • Media Query
  • CSS vs CSS3
  • Students create mini project using HTML and css
  • Introduction
  • Breakpoints
  • Containers
  • Grid system
  • Columns
  • Gutters
  • Utilities for layout
  • Z-index
  • Responsive images
  • Tables
  • Figures
  • Forms
    1. Form control
    2. Checks & radios
    3. Input group
    4. Layout
    5. Range
    6. Input group
    7. Floating labels
    8. Layout
    9. Validation
  • Componts
    1. Accordion
    2. Alerts
    3. Badges
    4. Breadcrumb
    5. Buttons
    6. Button group
    7. Cards
    8. Carousel
    9. Close button
    10. Collapse
    11. Dropdowns
    12. List group
    13. Modal
    14. Navs and tabs
    15. Navbar
    16. Offcanvas
    17. Pagination
    18. Popovers
    19. Progress
    20. Scrollspy
    21. Spinners
    22. Toasts
    23. Tooltips
  • Java script:ES2015
  • JavaScript Basics
  • History of JavaScript
  • Libraries of JavaScript
  • Versions of JavaScript
  • Applications of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • JavaScript in HTML File
  • JavaScript Variables
  • Java Script Operators
  • Control Statements-
    1. 1.Selection/Conditions statements
    2. 2.Branching
    3. 3.lteration/Looping
  • JS Alerts
  • Accepting user input in JavaScript
    1. By Prompt
    2. By Textbox
  • JS data type converters
    1. parselnt()
    2. parseFloat()
    3. parseStr()
  • Functions and Events
    1. 1.Parametrless function
    2. 2.Parametrized function
  • Text box can be access in JavaScript
    1. 1)By using name property
    2. 2)By using Id Property
  • Page Redirection in J
  • setTimeout()
  • Jquery
  • What Is Jquery
  • Including the library
  • Class Selector
  • ID Selector
  • Element Selector
  • addClass()
  • removeClass()
  • toggleClass()
  • Effects
    1. -hide
    2. -show
    3. .toggle
  • Custom Effects
  • Fading Effects
  • fadeln()
  • fadeOut()
  • How to use layer and Extract image in PSD
  • Write bootstrap website
  • Add css and Js
  • illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Sublime-4
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