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Get PHP Development Training: Top PHP Frameworks to Learn in 2020

September 16, 2020

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open source server side scripting language. PHP is considered as one of the most popular languages for web development. You can create dynamic page content and make changes in your database with the help of PHP. It also encrypts data and can be used to control user access. PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It can run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, etc. and it is compatible with almost all servers. The major advantages of PHP are that it is free to use and you can learn it easily.

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With PHP you can open, create, read, write, and close any file on the system. You can manage dynamic content or even build an entire e-commerce website with the help of PHP programming language. It also allows you to restrict the users from visiting any specific web-page. PHP is an embedded script that can be used with HTML, XML, WML, JavaScript and many other programming languages. It supports almost all supporters like Apache, Caudium, Tornado, Netscape, etc. Code reusability is also possible because PHP is a partial object oriented language. Because PHP is an open source language, there are regular updates provided by the community in order to make this language perfect for web development. Some of the reasons why PHP is the most preferred language over other languages are its simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, and security. PHP is a friendly language and you can easily connect it with various databases. All these features make PHP the most loved programming language all over the world.

Learn PHP development and Frameworks

Frameworks are used to save a lot of time and speed up the development process. With the help of frameworks you can reuse the same code over and over again and there is no need to write the same complex code for any application. Frameworks help in building more stable applications and makes coding simpler. Here, we have mentioned some of the best PHP frameworks that are used in application development.


It is the most popular framework and open source PHP framework. You can manage complex web applications easily with the help of Laravel. It comes with built-in templates that helps in creating complex layouts with distinctive sections. Laravel also provides in-built command line tool in order to perform complex and repetitive programming tasks. It also offers eloquent ORM that allows developers to write database queries with PHP syntax. You get pre-installed libraries that makes the job of developers easier. One of the major feature of Laravel framework is its strong web application security. These are the features that make Laravel the most popular framework among developers.


Codeigniter is useful for creating dynamic web applications rapidly. It is free, simple, and easy to use framework, which makes it a popular choice for beginners. You get good performance with Codeigniter and it is also very fast. It also helps in generating clean and search engine friendly URL’s. Some of the important features of Codeigniter are Data encryption, flexible URI routing, Zip encoding class, Localization, Security and XSS filtering, large library, etc. Codeigniter is a perfect choice if you want to build or develop light weight applications.


It is an open source framework that is very popular among developers. Symfony is the most preferred framework if you want to develop complex and large scale enterprise projects. With the help of symfony’s in-built features you can develop web applications faster. Some of the important features of Symfony framework are high performance PHP framework, flexible URI routing, Code reusability, error logging, etc. It is easy to maintain and has a huge and active community. Symfony is an effective framework that is used to create various web applications.


CakePHP is a user-friendly framework that allows you to develop complex web applications easily. It is simple and easy to learn framework. CakePHP allows you to reuse the codes so that you don’t have to write it from the scratch again. This eventually saves up a lot of time. You can create robust and creative websites with the help of CakePHP. Some of the other amazing features of CakePHP are compatibility with various versions of PHP, flexible caching, localization, Search engine friendly URL’s, code generation, built-in validation, MVC architecture, etc.

Zend Framework

It is an object oriented framework that is used to develop web applications. Zend framework is one of the most preferred framework for complex and enterprise level projects. It has a large community and provides clean and stable code. It is easy to learn framework that makes programming easier. Some of the other features of Zend framework are simple cloud API, Data encryption, flexible URI routing, code reusability, easy to maintain, etc. You can also integrate Zend framework with external libraries.

These are some of the important PHP frameworks that are used to speed up the development process. The features of these frameworks makes the work of developer easier.

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Want to be a PHP developer?

PHP is widely used platform in the field of web development. Some of the big websites run on PHP like Facebook, Wikipedia, Myspace, Yahoo, etc. It is an open source application that is easy to learn. PHP is extremely popular and it is used all over the world. There are numerous PHP developer jobs in the market. The salary is also very good if you want to become a PHP developer.

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