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PHP Future Scope : Career Path, Opportunities And Salary

March 8, 2022

IT Professionals in leading companies use PHP as their preferred language for developing web applications. PHP is easy to learn and simple to understand programming language. Read the whole article & learn is there any career & future Scope of PHP web development in 2022.

Why Should I Consider an Career In IT?

Whether you are fresher seeking a career path or a professional changing your present career, IT industry offers a rewarding career. Here are a few reasons why you must consider making a career in IT:

1. Job Growth

Job Growth in PHP

As our reliance on technology continues to increase, there is tremendous potential in IT sector. Data Analysts, Network Architects, Web Developers, etc. are some of the most sought after job profiles at the moment. As IT technologies evolve, IT professionals are expected to witness a double-digit growth annually.

2. Industry and Job Diversity:

With technology seeping deep into every industry, opportunities are endless for IT professionals. Apart from top IT companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, etc., IT jobs are available in different sectors like healthcare, insurance, banking, retail, etc.

3. Strong Income

Strong Income in PHP

Due to high demand of trained IT graduates, there has been a spike in the packages offered to IT professionals. IT sector allows you to acquire new skills to boost your career and salary substantially.

4. Low Educational Costs

Gone are the days where you were supposed to take full time graduate program to compete in a professional world. You can secure a job in IT sector merely by enrolling into professional certification courses followed by an internship experience.

Why Choose PHP Developer as a Career?

As most of the businesses are going online and mobile these days, PHP developers are in high demand. Read on to know why you should take up a career as a PHP developer

1. PHP as a Web Development Tool

PHP is used as the primary language in developing a website by top companies like Yahoo, Facebook, IBM, etc. As a professional PHP developer, your career will have immense potential.

2. Easy to Learn

The syntax of PHP is based on Java and C which makes it easy to learn. There are several resources online as well as training institute to explore and learn PHP. Additionally, real-world case studies and live projects available online can effectively demonstrate functionality of PHP language.

3. Open Source

As an Open Source Language, PHP is 100% free. Additional software’s like SQL, Apache, etc. used by PHP developers to build web applications are also open source.

4. OOPS Support

Just like Java and C++, PHP supports Object Oriented Programming through inheritance, polymorphism, and data encapsulation. As a result, if you are experienced in these languages, learning and adopting PHP will be quite easy and convenient.

5. Framework Availability

One of the most important reasons for popularity of PHP is the availability of frameworks. PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Zend, etc. support code reusability. This reusability allows you to quickly develop application with minimum errors.

6. Compiler-Based Applications

Applications developed in other languages can be easily translated into PHP language by using extensions. Compiler based applications like JavaScripts, HTML, etc. give versatility to PHP.

7. Inter-OS Compatibility

PHP is compatible with all Operating Systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about writing extra code lines for inter-OS compatibility in your applications.

8. Dynamic and Flexible

PHP applications can be configured and customized as per the requirements of different clients. Since it is an open source language supporting code-reusability, you can quickly implement different elements of Graphic Design in an existing application.

9. Resources

PHP is a well-documented language and there are plenty of resources available that cover entire tools and frameworks supported by PHP.

10. CMS Development

Developing Content Management System (CMS) is effortless in PHP. Freedom to customize applications in PHP makes it the most favourable choice for CMS development.

11. Job Opportunities

As all major companies are shifting their businesses online, PHP developers are in huge demand. Even if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science, you can join training courses to start your career as a PHP developer.

PHP Future Scope And Career opportunities

 PHP Future Scope

1. Web Development career

Primarily, PHP’s future scope resides in web development. They are responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining the websites and applications for the Internet. PHP with a database can create interactive and dynamic websites and applications.

2. Database administers

Database administers deals with organizing and managing the data. PHP makes database management convenient. Using PHP, you can connect to and manipulate databases. The server-side language, PHP allows you to interact with the databases. PHP is conveniently used for creating database management systems.

3. Graphic design using dream weaver

Graphic designers are responsible for creating attractive visuals digitally. The Adobe Dreamweaver helps graphic designers create eye-catching and attractive graphics for internet content.

Skills to Expand Your PHP Developer Career Path

1. CSS

PHP is a server-side language. Hence, it requires a stylesheet language to make the websites dynamic. With the skills of CSS, a PHP developer can create interactive and user-friendly websites.

2. Javascript

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. With the knowledge of Javascript, a PHP developer can conveniently operate on both client-side and server-side instructions.

3. Word press

Word press is another significant skill in PHP’s future scope. WordPress uses PHP to interact with the database and search the required data. The action on your webpage is decided by the PHP tags provided by WordPress.


PHP Features And Facts

Apart from having several job opportunities at the moment, you can rest assured about your future as a PHP developer. Following points highlight the promising future of PHP:

1. Visibility over internet

PHP is the most popular language for millions of websites like Wikipedia, tumblr, etc. If you go online and randomly select some websites, you will find many websites with a .php extension.

2. PHP in blogging

Since PHP is simple to learn and easy to adopt, it is widely used in blogging websites like WordPress.

3. CMS supporting PHP

With the support of CMS, publishing a website can be done quickly and easily in PHP.

4. PHP and MySQL

For server-based web applications using a database, MySQL can be used with PHP. Database support through MySQL can be adopted easily by even non-technical developers.

5. Simplicity of PHP

The simplicity of PHP has contributed to its immense popularity and assures its presence in the future over other complex languages.

6. Regular updates in PHP

New frameworks are continuously being added in PHP to keep it feature rich and up-to-date with the latest technologies.

PHP Developer Salary In India

We do not see a fixed pay grade for PHP developers in India. The salary amount is based on the skills of the PHP developer, their experience, qualifications, and understanding of the latest technology. The salary also depends on the industry-wide requirements. The average salary for a fresher PHP developer goes around 3 LPA-to-4LPA. It will increase with the experience and certification in hand. The bigger companies might offer a larger package than the startups. Hence, the salary of a PHP developer in India depends on the factors like location, skillset, experience, and employing industry.

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