10 Things Every Programmer Should Know – Become a Professional Developer

December 12, 2019

Great developers or programmers are rare! A good programmer can boost productivity of an organization. So, what makes a good programmer? If you are having fair share of programming or into the field of coding, you would have tried to get better with latest technologies and trends.

Of course, IT is a broad field, one which presents new challenges and concepts to learn daily. But, simply learning coding is not a door of success for every programmer! Apart from coding, there are lot more other things that every newbie or experienced programmer should know.

10 Key Skills Every Programmer & Developer Should Know to Get Better

1. Data Structures and Algorithms


Getting familiar with the data structures and algorithms is the first step of becoming a good programmer. It is important that you get master on various data structures like array, linked list, set, map etc. This would help you crack any possible job interviews. In case you are not aware about how to learn these fundamentals, you can join the ideal IT training institute near your area. All you need is a will to learn and that’s it!

2. Source Control

Are you aware about version controlling? Do you know how you can store your written code? Well, these are the basics any programmer should be aware of. Source control is a way to store your written code. And to become a good programmer, you must know how you can manage the versioning of the code written, how you can perform branching of your code, margining different codes and so on. You must be aware about using Git and SVN tools.

3. Text Editors

Whether you are a programmer or not, text editors are one of the most essential and handy tools used in day-to-day operations. It is very important that you are aware about what all different text editors available in the market. If you are using Windows, NotePad can be a useful text editor. However, there are a lot of options available in the market, like NotePad++, Sublime etc.

4. IDEs


When you are talking about coding, IDE is one of the most basic tools you will require to write code effectively. Based on the programming language, you will find a variety of options. For example, if you are working on C/C++/C#, you can use Visual Studio. If you are a Java programmer, you will have options like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and so on. It is must that you are aware about the different IDEs available for the programming language you are learning!

5. Database and SQL


Database is the heart of any program you write! It is essential that you are aware about database concepts and its use in programming. There are plenty of different databases available in the market, but it is not necessary you know all. If you are aware about only one of them, it is enough to survive as a programmer. It is important that you know how you can perform CRUD operations in SQL or any other database.

6. Microsoft Excel

Well, not typically intended for the programmers, excel is for everyone! Whether you are working as a programmer, manager or database administrator, you should know the handy functions of excel. If you are not aware about all functions of excel, at least you should know VLOOKUP, Pivot, Macro and other basic features to reconcile data.

7. Programming Languages

Learning programming languages is the base of becoming a good programmer. There are different programming languages available in the market. However, it is not essential that you master every available language. It is important that you make a right choice and try to master in any specific language. You can find online tutorials and resources or join live project training institute for the language you choose.

8. Networking Basics


Being a programmer, you might be developing applications involving client-server interaction to perform various activities. It is important that you are aware about basic networking fundamentals like TCP-IP, Network packets, linux command and more.

9. Scripting Languages

There is a thin line between programming language and scripting language. Not all programming languages are considered as scripting language or vice versa. Many scripting languages are used to design and develop front-end of the web applications. Hence, it is crucial that you are aware about at least a few scripting languages like PHP.

10. Linux

Linux is an operating system like Mac or Windows OS. A few years ago, it was primarily used for servers and was not considered a very user-friendly choice for custom offices. Linux has been constantly improved by developers and now most web servers use Linux. You can find Linux in cars, personal computers, or corporate servers. Linux is developed and distributed with higher security aspects, thanks to which programmers can easily avoid or eliminate viruses and other harmful malware.

Linux is additionally simple to learn, yet hard to master. If you are looking to move from a developer role to an administration role, you may need to learn a lot about how Linux software that works at the most basic level, and it can be time consuming. There are few Linux masters as compared to Windows masters so it is much in demand.


How Can I Start Learning Programming Languages?

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