PHP vs Python which one is better? Learn PHP and Python Programming in Ahmedabad

PHP vs Python which is better? Learn PHP & Python Programming in Ahmedabad

October 16, 2020

There are various programming languages out there and each programming language has a different set of features that is used for different purposes. PHP and Python are two popular programming languages.

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is mainly used for web development. The PHP programming language was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor and it can be embedded into HTML. The usage of PHP programming language includes server-side scripting, command line scripting, and writing desktop applications.

Similarly, Python is a high level and general-purpose programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum and it was released in the year 1991. Python programming language can be used for almost anything because of its features. Some of the most common fields where Python programming language is used are Data science, scientific and mathematical computing, finance and trading, computer graphics, security testing, game development, system automation and administration, etc. Python is an amazing programming language that is also used for Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

PHP Programming

php development

PHP is a simple programming language and this makes it easier for beginners to learn. It is a modern scripting language that is used in most of the websites. Here, we have mentioned some of the advantages of PHP programming language.

1) PHP is comparatively easier than other programming languages and it is perfect for web development and making backend changes. It can run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS.

2) It is supported by various web servers like Caudium, Tornado, Netscape, Apache, etc. PHP can be used with SQL databases like MySQL and it can also handle text, strings, and numeric data.

3) PHP has evolved a lot with every update and now it has become faster than it was earlier. It has started to become more like an object-oriented language.

4) One of the biggest advantages of using PHP programming language is that it offers huge community support and it is easy to learn. The huge community is very helpful because you get a lot of support. Huge community means a lot of developers will be working on building tools that will make the development in the particular language easy.

5) With PHP you can open, create, read, and write any file on the system. You can even build an entire e-commerce website with the help of PHP programming language. It also allows you to restrict the users from visiting any specific webpage. PHP can be used with HTML, XML, WML, JavaScript and various other programming languages.

6) PHP allows you to implement two or more step authentication system. The PHP users can create a secure, random token and store it on a website. PHP is also capable of connecting to an SMS providers API service to send the token.

7) It is a reliable and efficient language that is capable of handling millions of requests daily and PHP is majorly famous for its flexibility.

8) Maintenance of code is also an important part of web development. There are numerous PHP frameworks that make the development and the maintenance of code much easy.

9) Some of the amazing PHP frameworks are CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, Phalcon, etc. One of the most amazing frameworks among all of these is Laravel. Laravel is a free and open source PHP framework that is used for the development of web applications.

PHP is a friendly language and you can easily connect it with various databases. These features make PHP the most loved programming language.

Python Programming

python programming

1) Python programming language is considered as one of the best programming languages among the developers. The reason behind python being one of the best is that it is flexible, versatile, object oriented, numerous libraries and framework, various modules, file extensions, etc. Here, we have mentioned the advantages of using the Python programming language.

2) Python can support multiple programming paradigms like functional programming, object-oriented programming, structured programming, and empirical programming. You can use the Python programming language to develop large and small applications like games, web applications, android, etc.

3) Python programming language is also used for testing website applications and web interfaces so that you can know if there are any bugs or errors. It has a framework that is known as ‘PyUnit’, it makes sure that the code is working completely fine.

4) Python programming language is very important in the field of Artificial intelligence and Data science. With Python programming language there is no need to compile the data as you can directly run the program into machine language before execution. This way python programming language can be easily interpreted by a virtual machine.

5) Python is a simple and easy to read language compared to other programming languages like C, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc. It is object-oriented programming and easy to learn programming language. Python is also a developer friendly language that can do a set of complex machine learning tasks.

6) Python has numerous frameworks and libraries that help developers in reducing the development time. Advanced libraries are available for AI and ML projects. NumPy is for scientific computing, SciPy for mathematical and advanced computing, PyBrain for machine learning, Pandas for general purpose data analysis, etc. All these libraries help the users to develop the products faster and with ease. One of the important frameworks is Django. Django is a high-level web framework that is used for rapid development, clean design, and secure websites.

7) Python is platform independent and that means developers can run the code on other operating systems without making any changes in the code. Python programming language is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Python uses PVM to convert python code to machine understandable code and that is the reason why python is also known as an interpreted language.

Learn Python & PHP Programming in Ahmedabad

PHP and Python both have unique advantages, PHP is covers a large part of web while Python offer high-level programming. If you compare PHP vs Python, both languages provide good career opportunities because these two programming languages are widely used across the world. LogicRays academy is the best place if you want to learn Python and PHP programming. You can learn PHP and Python programming language from expert mentors at LogicRays academy. There are also problem-solving sessions and you can also work on live projects.