IT Courses after graduation

Learn IT Courses After Graduation for Arts, Commerce & Science Students

September 20, 2022

Many candidates start looking for additional courses after their education to stand out from the competition. Some courses offer more knowledge and better skills on a specific platform. These courses help students to stand out from the competition. The most embraced are IT Courses after graduation. They are of the highest advantage when appearing for job interviews, especially during the technical rounds of interviews. IT-specific organizations look for candidates with extra certification courses along with regular qualifications.

What are the popular IT courses after graduation in science?

IT Courses After Graduation

1. Full Stack

Full Stack - Best IT course after graduation

Full stack is one of the best IT courses after graduation. Full-stack developers are assigned to design apps and websites. They work on various facets of development, like frontend and backend. They also work on testing databases and debugging. The certification of full stack developer can help to learn frontend and backend programming concepts. It also includes courses on SQL and no SQL database and programming languages. This course provides the essentials required to secure a job in IT Industries.

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2. Python

Python - IT course after graduation

If you want to make a high salary and enjoy a promising future, you should learn Python programming. Python is a popular programming language that is easy to understand, and these skills can help you get a great job and career. It is one of the core requirements in the developing data science industry. The demand for Python programmers grows as new applications are being developed for machine learning daily. With this course, your career will thrive.

3. DevOps

DevOps - Advance level course after graduation

As data visualization becomes the reality of the current era, DevOps has become a popular course. It includes the representation of data in a graphical and pictorial format. It helps to provide fact-based analysis to decision-makers. Opting for the data visualization certification course helps to improve communication and fundamental concepts. You can get a further certification course to get job positions like business intelligence analyst, data analyst, and data visualization engineer.

4. ReactJs


This is a popular JavaScript-based programing language. React JS has brought novel approaches to creating web pages that are dynamic and responsive is React JS. It has become popular among developers. It is also loved by business personnel as it is the fastest-growing JavaScript library and helps to develop a unique and faster User Interface.

5. Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development - Android + Ios course for

As the smartphone has become an indispensable part of an individual’s life, its penetration has also increased. With more and more people using Android and iOS phones, there has been an increase in mobile app developers. The sector has also risen explicitly. Thus, training in mobile App development after graduation can be an excellent step for your career.

How can you become a successful mobile app developer?

6. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing full course

Digital Marketing is one of the best IT courses after graduation. Digital Marketing Certifications are also the most trending and popular professional certifications. As many people are spending more and more time on digital domains and are embracing online platforms, businesses understand the importance of an “online” presence. There are many reasons for a good scope for Digital Marketing, especially in India.

7. AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the most popular IT courses after graduation. AI involves the creation of intelligent machines that react like humans. Machine learning includes artificial intelligence and provides a system with the ability to learn. It helps to improve through experience and is not programmed automatically. People who take the certification of AI & ML learn the essential concepts and skills needed to develop practical AI systems. It helps candidates to get a good position in various industries at profiles like data scientist, AI engineer, and machine learning engineer.

8. Quality & Testing Courses

GA Testing

Quality & Testing courses help to understand and develop a deep insight, especially for quality requirements. It empowers tools and methods that are followed in various sectors. It includes the service sector and product-oriented sector. Everything is changing with the fast progressing world and higher standards of different fields. Improvements and innovations are made in all industries, and quality is the main thing to be accepted. Certification in quality and testing provides excellent jobs in all sectors.

9. Selenium


Selenium is a popular open-source tool that automates web application and browser testing. It helps to interact with different components of a web page. The functionalities of selenium tests are many, and it helps to catch new and old bugs. Candidates interested in certification in selenium can get knowledge of test design consideration, advanced web driver, user extensions, and selenium web driver.

Now that you have the list of top professional career-oriented courses to be pursued after graduation, you can select the pathway which suits you. Before choosing any classes, you must understand your intrinsic interests, strengths, desire, and enthusiasm. It will help you build a promising career.


1. Can a commerce student become a full-stack developer?

There are many IT courses after graduation in Commerce. A commerce student can pursue these to become a web Developer. Choosing a class in a programming language is not difficult. It would be best if you had a passion for achieving these goals.

2. How can I get into the IT sector after graduation?

b-oriented courses after graduation to get into the IT sector. You are free to choose a field of your choice and pick subjects per your interests.

3. What are the courses after graduation in Arts?

Arts undergraduate degree can provide good prospects in terms of salary if you pick an excellent course afterward. A professional certification course offers opportunities to get into a promising field. The systems provide a mix of technical knowledge and skill development components.