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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Learning Python

May 10, 2022

Python is becoming a globally popular language for many good reasons. It is a fast-growing language, and it has an exponentially scaling community. In 2017 Python was the most visited tag on Stack overflow next to Java and JavaScript. Unlike JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, Python can be used in apps outside web development. The growth is highly impressive as in 2012; it wasn’t visited as much as any other five languages. The language has grown 2.5-fold from then.

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Benefits of learning Python

1. Opportunities in Data Science

R programming language have been the most commonly used language historically for data science. Python code is easier to maintain, and it is scalable compared to R. It has increased its popularity in data science. The professionals who do have advanced education in mathematics and statistics also learn the Python language.

2. Deep Roots of Machine Learning

machine learning in python

Many packages have been developed in the past few years for machine learning with Python. It includes pandas and NumPy, allowing the users to understand the data. It also has data transforming abilities. TensorFlow is used to code algorithms for machine learning. Pyspark is an API to work with Spark, and it is a framework for easy working with large data sets.

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3. Making Web Development Quicker & Easy!

Python is relatively simple. It is a language that is easy for new programmers to learn without learning the necessary syntax. Python ensures that it is easy to create applications, unlike other programming languages. Python has an efficient syntax that allows programmers to run fast and pack logic compactly.

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4. Aids Simplicity

simple python language

Python has been built to get rid of the complex. The language keeps only the necessary. Python is easy to read, learn and write than other major programming languages. Most developers agree that Python is the easiest to learn programming language after HTML. It is a programming language that is easy to script and command.

5. Diverse and Large Developer’s Community

Programming is usually considered to be a solo job. The best tool that a programmer can get is community support. There are numerous online forums, open-source communities, and local meet-ups. They help the programmers to learn and build on the language. The diverse communities help programmers to learn and grow.

6. Ample Libraries and Frameworks

python learning path

None of the languages has as many libraries as Python. These programming languages can come with the best assortment of libraries. These come in handy for app development and other Data Science tasks. It has NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, SciPy, Pandas, StatsModels, and others. As it has a vast collection with the inclusion of libraries, Python’s capabilities and functionalities have multiplied significantly.

7. Quick to Automate – Scraping & Automation

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows organizations to script easily. It allows for custom automation. This feature reaps benefits while saving time. Repetitive tasks can be easily automated using Python as a programming language.

8. Open-Source

open source - python programming language

Python has a rich ecosystem of packages held within The Python Package Index (PyPi). It is an open-source language. With Python, the users can build modules. The ever-growing PyPi library helps users to find various tools. It has a giant third-party package library that can help users in looking for these tools. It helps them with projects that range from AI to web development and much more.

9. Ample Opportunities for Jobs and Growth

Python is witnessing speedy growth. Learning programming with Python helps to get good jobs. The language results in multiple job postings on job search platforms. Python ranks high in the list of most in-demand programming languages for getting growth and jobs.

10. Great Salary

great salary in python developer field

Becoming a Python developer ensures a high-paying job. Python developers earn a lot in data science, web development, and machine learning fields. On average, a Python developer can earn Rs.91,00,000/- per year, and the average salary of Python developers from 2017 to 2020 was ranked the highest.

11.Extensible and Portable

Python is highly extensible, scalable, and portable. The flexibility of Python helps developers to perform cross-language operations. You can integrate it with .NET and Java components. Programmers can also use Python to invoke the C/C++ library. Modern platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solari support Python.

Python is accessible and in demand in the market. The programming language has an active and ever-growing community of users. Python is a considerable start for people looking to change careers in the tech world through coding. It is easy to learn this multi-skilled language used in many fields. So, the best time to learn Python is now.