Long Term & Short Term Computer IT Courses After 12th for All Students

June 10, 2021

If you answered a YES to all the above questions; then we promise to solve all your queries related to pursuing computer courses after 12th Commerce, Maths, or Science by the end of this write-up.

Class 12th is the doorway to the world of higher education. It is a crucial period to decide the next step towards your career. The present scenario has made us realize the importance of information technology. Technology has played a huge role in almost every business.

The extreme resonance in information technology over the last few years has given rise to many IT courses after 12th. IT training has become one of the most preferred courses after 12th. IT courses are not only confined to science or maths students, they are favored as courses after 12th commerce as well.

Are you amongst the ones who are excited to explore the domain of IT Courses Online?

Then the information below is surely going to help you with computer-related short-term and diploma IT courses after 12th Commerce.

Short-Term IT Courses After 12th

IT courses after 12th have gained a lot of popularity due to pandemics. IT courses online have resulted in the rise of employability. With less time invested, these courses prologue brighter job prospects. You can easily opt for any IT training course after 12th Commerce together with any full-time course or during your vacation. Some of the renowned short-term IT training courses are:

1. C/C++



In the IT field, C and C++ are among the most widely adopted programming language. C is the lower-level procedural programming language; C++ is its extended version. There is no exact eligibility to learn the C/C++ language. Any scholar or graduate can opt for this course.

The only requirement is having basic information about computers and programming techniques. You will learn C++ Syntax, complex numbers, C++ library, C++ language fundamentals, etc.

Career Opportunities

C/C++ are immensely popular languages in some fields like astronomy, accounting and finance, and bioinformatics. The language is fast and efficient. The different job profiles that you can work on after learning C/ C++ are,

1. Junior Programmer

2. Senior Programmer

3.Software Developer

4. Quality Analyst

5. Game Programmer

6. Software Developer

7. C/C++ Analyst

8. Programming architect

Earning Capability

Your earnings depend on skill level, qualification, and experience. The earning varies from 2 lakhs per annum to 30 lakhs per annum. Initially, you might have to work with a small organization but gradually with expertise and experience, you can work with MNC’s that pay a handsome amount.



Over the past few years, digital marketing has emerged as the most potent marketing tool. This is due to the rapid increase in digital activities right from shopping, advertising, teaching to money transactions.

It is the most promising course after the 12th Commerce. It involves the marketing of products and services through various digital platforms and channels to connect with the target audience.

Career Opportunities

1. The major role that is performed in digital marketing are

2. Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director

3. Web Developer and Web Designer

4. Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

5. SEO Executive /Expert

6. PPE/SEM Expert

7. Content Marketer

8. E-Commerce Manager

9. CRM Manager

Earning Capability

The earnings in this field vary from 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs depending on your job profile and experience. Apart from this, it’s a great platform for a self-owned start-up after the 12th.



It is concerned with working on the appearance, layout, and content of the website. In this age of information technology where the internet is flooded with the website. Web designing course is emerging as a popular IT course. All it requires is strong creativity, to show their talent in the designing field. A well-designed website is of utmost importance for a business.

Career Opportunities

1. Frontend Web designer

2. UI Designer

3. Coder

4. Website Tester

5. Design and layout analyst

Earning Capability

With web designing, you can easily fetch from 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs. Experienced web designers gain up to a 6-digit salary in a month.



It focuses on presentation and visual communication using different forms and tools. It plays a major role in branding a business by creating attractive banners, blogs, websites, newspapers, or product catalogs.

It’s a perfect combination of art and technology. Media houses, publishing companies, FMCG, retail, and software sectors need good designers. Being a part of marketing and promotion, this is among the fastest-growing career. This is among the much-loved courses after 12th Commerce.

Career Opportunities

1. Flash Animator

2. Layout Designer

3. UI Designer

4. Graphic Designer

5. Web Developer

6. SEO Consultant

7. Content Management system specialist

Earning Capability

In India as a graphic designer, you can earn 2.5 lakhs per year. When you get proper knowledge and understanding about software like Dreamweaver and Adobe after effects, you can comparatively earn much more.




JAVA is one of the most widely used programming languages around the world. It is designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet. Scalable high-performance applications are designed using JAVA. It’s a valuable skill for programming enthusiasts.

JAVA is the most demanding language for android applications. Around 7 billion devices across the world are run by JAVA. With the growing market of revolutionary apps, demand for JAVA programmers is increasing.

Career Opportunities

1. JAVA Developer

2. JAVA Architect

3. Web Developer

4. Database Administrator

Earning Capability

An average JAVA developer can earn from 2 lakhs to eleven lakhs per annum. It depends on the location, experience, and profile of a person.

Long Term IT Courses After 12th

Jumping into the IT bandwagon is opening the doors of plenty of possibilities. Whether it be small diploma courses or full-fledged degree courses, IT courses after 12th Commerce are a preferred choice by many. Take a look at a few of the long term IT Training courses-




Python programming language is extensively used to develop desktop applications, GUI, web applications, and websites. It is considered the most sought-after skill in the entire programming domain.

With its simple-to-read syntax and easy compilation features, it needs half development time. Spotify, Facebook, Amazon, etc. use python for managing interface. This could answer your query about courses after 12th Commerce.

Career Opportunities

1. Software Engineer

2. Data Analyst

3. Data Scientist

4. Software Developer

5. Research Analyst

6. Python Developer

Earning Capability

As per the job profile salary of a python skilled developer ranges from 4 lakhs up to 8 lakhs. With the expertise, you can surely explore its higher dimensions along with a good pay scale.



It is a server technology used to design and develop different web applications. It also manages several issues with servers and web applications. Learning NODE JS helps in developing social media apps, video and text-chat engines, real-time tracking apps, and more.

Even if candidates do not have any degree in computer science but have a working knowledge of technology and can write a handful code, can easily pick up this technology.

Career Opportunities

1. Front-end developer

2. Team leader

3. Scrum master

4. Architect

5. Product owner

Earning Capability

The salary in this field ranges from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs depending on their profile and experience. Large MNC’s pay other benefits and perks also. Big companies like Facebook, Google, or Twitter pay about 20-22 lakhs.



The most advanced and newest tool to design an interactive user interface for applications is REACT JS. Companies eagerly desire to update the features of their existing apps and building new apps. REACT JS has turned out to be a great way to make native apps run on both iOS and Android.

Career Opportunities

1. Front-end developer

2. Back-end developer

3. Full-Stack developer

Earning Capability

At an early stage, a developer may earn from 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs. With the growth and skill, a senior-level developer easily earns 17 lakhs per annum.


With the e-commerce revolution, a constant rise in online shopping has been observed. MAGENTO is one such e-commerce platform where a variety of online stores are designed.

Some popular brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Fox connect are powered by MAGENTO. With the help of the MAGENTO 2 course, you can run your own online business. You can even create e-commerce websites for others. This could be one among the courses after 12th Commerce to gear up for a career in IT.

5. PHP

Due to its ease of learning, this language has been awarded as the most loved programming language. It is a server-side scripting language. Right from developing any social media application, designing a website to implementing complex application PHP is used for all these.

By learning PHP language, you can become a PHP developer and earn from about 2.5 Lakhs to 11 lakhs. If you are hunting for courses after 12th Commerce; PHP can be the one.


Short-term or long-term both the IT Training courses are career-oriented. Whichever course you select, keep one thing in mind to ensure that you pursue the course from a recognized and authentic institute.

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