Career Options After BCA

8 Best Courses After BCA to Enhance Your Skills [It Courses]

December 21, 2022

After a three-year undergraduate course, it is time to look for career options after BCA. BCA, Bachelor of Computer Application, imparts knowledge of software development and computing skills.

To enter a world with only this part of the knowledge does not fetch career growth or earnings. Gen Alpha will agree that 98% of technologies are on coding and languages. Technology in Computing Power, Smarter Devices, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Digital Trust to 3D Printing, Genomics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and few more.

How do you Choose a Career After BCA?

BCA is an essential qualification that only allows you to obtain careers in the desired field. BCA teaches you basic computing skills and software. Mere knowledge of this will lead you to embarrassment in project development and job opportunities after BCA. Employers are looking for candidates with knowledge and skill in the competitive world. When you offer an extra course to your palate, you are noticeable and desirable too. There are many courses that you must undertake to provide a lucrative resume to the employer, such as-

  • Highlighting your projects or internship
  • Additional skills in computing
  • Languages known
  • Tasks and responsibilities undertaken
  • Name of the institute you have undergone the courses in

Logicrays Academy provides the best approach after BCA and a perfect platform for learning and practicing to get real-time experiences. You can undergo a short-term or long-term course and keep adding certifications to show the diversity in your professional ability. You can opt for the following programs to get set on a career path you will never regret. 

Top 8 Career Options After BCA

Whether you want to enter as a Technical Analyst, Data Scientist, Web developer, or Digital marketer, you must upgrade your skills to fit the market requirements. Following is the list of jobs after BCA and courses and tips on what you should learn to be in the career.

1. Java After BCA

Java After BCA

Career opportunities are vast as you get placed as a Software developer, Web developer, EJB Programmer, Web programmer, Application programmer, and more. Java is an open-source language enabling many career opportunities. JavaScript, known as JS, is the core technology of www (World Wide Web) with CSS and HTML. 98% of websites use JavaScript to execute coding on devices.

What You Should Learn in Java

In Java, learn the following by getting through a trustworthy institute-

  • fundamentals of Java, 
  • The core of Java, 
  • RDBMS and Java Database Programming, 
  • Web technologies
  • Java Industry real-time project implementation
  • Hibernate in Java
  • Spring Framework

2. PHP After BCA


PHP is the most preferred language in web application development. If you have a PHP course in your resume, you have ample job growth in diverse industries. You can be placed in Data Administration, Web Development, Graphic Designing, and PHP developer. PHP is a web development tool and a 100% free, open-source language. It supports Object Oriented Programming and offers a framework. 

What You Should Learn in PHP

Your knowledge area should include MySQL developer and administrator, Linux OS, Ubuntu, Zend Framework, jQuery, XML understanding, and Web development. Master skills in-

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Word Press
  • CMS development

Undergo training in PHP in an institute that provides training projects like Logicrays Academy.

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3. Web Designing After BCA

Web Designing After BCA

Web designers are in demand as the eCommerce segment is getting larger. A web designer creates designs for websites that includes many aspects such as graphic design, user experience, use of content management system (CMS), interface design, and SEO tools, among others. It involves a creative and technical aspect of the brain and learning new things on the job. 

What You Should Learn

On completion of BCA or from your first year of BCA, you can start learning HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Sass, and responsive design. Upgrade to the latest tech know-how in Photoshop, UI/UX, Adobe XD, Figma, material design, and the like. 

 4. Artificial Intelligence After BCA

Artificial Intelligence After BCA

The entire web world is on artificial intelligence and earning a livelihood in Artificial intelligence is a game changer. Artificial intelligence has spread its wings in all industry sectors as Aerospace, Engineering, Biotech, Signal Processing, Finance, IT, Food and Packaging, automobile, and so on. Companies like Amazon, Zomato, Spotify, Flipkart, Google, and the like, hire candidates who are well-versed in machine learning techniques.

What You Should Learn

A course in Artificial intelligence should include

  • Python
  • Variables, Keywords, Operators, and Data types
  • Numbers and strings
  • Lists, Dictionary and sets, and Tuples
  • Decision-making and loops
  • Algorithm
  • Machine learning
  • World of Neural Network
  • Inferencing knowledge for language/ data text

 5. Android After BCA

Android After BCA

The open-source operating system has changed the device market share. Demand for Android applications and software has easier entry into the market. Android developers are getting recognized more than ever due to the enormous application market share. The Linux Kernel-based Android is used to develop variants in electronics like portable media, digital cameras, gaming consoles, PCs, Smartphones, Smartwatches, another wearable, and so on.

What You Should Learn

 Your course should typically have the following to master the art of Android,-

  • Languages- JAVA and Kollin
  • Android Interactivity
  • Testing, 
  • Android UI and component implementation
  • Data management and security
  • Database connectivity
  • Android industry real-time project implementation

6. Python After BCA

Python After BCA

 Machine learning is the creation of computer programs. It involves program logic called models. Learning Python is a must if your interest lies in developing a dynamic application. Python is a general-purpose programming language for websites, web applications, GUI, and desktop applications. Instagram, Firefox, Discus, Pinterest, and others also employ Python. The career path includes Software Developer, Python Developer, Data Analyst, Product Manager, and Machine Learning Engineer.

 What You Should Learn

To ace the race of Python programming, you must learn-

  • Python Programming
  • Variables, Keywords, Operators, and Data types
  • Numbers and strings
  • Lists, Dictionary and sets, and Tuples
  • Django Framework
  • Django and REST APIs

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 7. Digital Marketing After BCA

Digital Marketing After BCA

Digital marketing is one of the most promising careers after BCA. The skills require you to have expertise in digital marketing, promoting products and services, and generating revenue. Digital marketing includes career profiles as a social media expert, UI-UX designer, SEO analyst, content manager, digital marketing manager, and more. The packages are handsome, and career growth is vast.

 What You Should Learn

You must upgrade your skills by learning about digital marketing overview, website fundamentals, website optimization, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search engine marketing), SMM ( Social Media Marketing), Reputation management, Google analytics, Email- marketing, and other subjects related to digital marketing. Logicarays Academy specializes in providing digital marketing training.

 8. Software Developer After BCA

Software Developer After BCA

A software developer is responsible for corporate and residential program settings. It becomes their primary job to maintain and optimize the software program timely. You are in charge of the software system-designing, working, maintaining, and fixing it. Your daily routine might comprise the following:

  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Updating software programs
  • Troubleshooting software bugs
  • Optimize software features

What You Should Learn

Along with BCA, web development, UX and UI, C++, Java, data management skills, and technical writing add to the resume. It is advisable to do such courses from renowned institutes like Logicrays academy in Ahmadabad, India. You will get live training, expert trainers, 100% practical training, and high-quality projects to work on.

Final thoughts

The above list of job-oriented certification courses after BCA will benefit you to get placed in the desirable career of your choice. Your resume will stand out from the rest as it will project your skills and abilities. It is equally essential to be wise while choosing the institute for the certification. Take a quick scan of institutes providing courses, course duration, fees, and placement. Logicrays Academy in Ahmadabad, India, offers selective courses designed for BCA graduates. Well, begin is half done.