Short term course after 12th

Top 11 Short-Term Courses After 12th [Science, Commerce, Arts]

November 15, 2022

Many reputable short-term courses after the 12th are top-rated and trending. These short-term courses after the 12th open doors to professions in industries like Marketing, Analytics, Finance, and IT. The primary task is to choose the best short-term courses that are job-oriented. With so many courses available for a short period, candidates can select miniature courses three months after the 12th. The courses enable you to boost your skills to move up the corporate ladder.

These Short-Term Courses have many benefits, and the top use is that it helps to save time. Students need to think about their careers and choose the best course for a short period. Students look forward to pursuing short-term courses after the 12th and may seek higher studies. There are a few 6 months’ courses after the 12th that help students to prepare for entrance exams. A graduation degree is not enough in this competitive world.

Do students need specialization for a decent job?

The main reason students choose short-term courses after 12th Science is to get a high-paying job. These jobs-oriented Short-Term Courses help Indian students to get the right job at the right place. These short-term courses with high salaries after the 12th are available in all sectors. While the traditional job sector in India is experiencing a severe slowdown, India’s digital economy is proliferating; giving rise to lakhs of high-paying jobs that young professionals and students can join to earn high salaries.  

6 to 15 Months Short-Term Courses After 12th  

Many practical short-term courses after 12th arts, Commerce, and Science, will help you land a good and high-paying job. These courses are flexible and profitable for the student’s career:

Short-Term Courses After 12th Science 

Some of the most profitable short-term job-oriented courses after 12th include the ones in the science stream as they ensure many job avenues in different sectors

1. Python Course

Python Course

Python has been one of the topmost programming languages globally. It provides the most promising career in technology and other industries. The opportunities to build a career in Python are increasing tremendously globally. As Python has simple codes and fast readability capacity, many companies now demand python language.

Course Duration: Python language is easier to learn for beginners. Python training course duration can be anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. Many significant companies demand the python language for building a career.

Entry-Level Salary: The average entry-level salary of a Python developer in India is ₹430,000. The average salary of an experienced Python developer salary in India is ₹1,150,000. The average salary of a mid-level Python developer salary in India is ₹900,000. 

2. React Js Course

React JS Course

React. Js uses a JavaScript open-source library to build user interfaces, particularly single-page applications. React Js allows users to create reusable UI components. It helps to handle the view layer for mobile and web-based apps. The primary resolve of React Js is to be quick, scalable, and straightforward.

Course Duration: Being an open-source JavaScript library. React Js is used extensively to build user interfaces for single-page applications. The language of React Js is quick, scalable, and simple and the beginner-level course duration is 6 months to 1 year.

Entry Level Salary: The entry-level salary for a React. JS developer’s salary is ₹730,000. React.Js developers can earn around INR 400,000 per annum at the middle level with less experience.

3. PHP Course

PHP Course

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source and server-side scripting language used for developing web applications. It is a script-based language for task automation used extensively to write programs. The opportunities to build a career in Python are increasing tremendously globally.

Course Duration: PHP scripting language is used for developing web applications written for the automation of tasks. The language is intermediate level in terms of learning difficulty, and the course can be completed within 6 months to 1 year.

Entry Level Salary: The average salary for a PHP Developer in India is ₹278560. Visit PayScale to research PHP developer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer, and more.

4. Node.Js Course

Node.Js Course

Node.JS is used in the case of non-blocking and event-driven servers. It is single-threaded and is used for traditional websites and to support back-end API services. The language has been designed with real-time and push-based architectures in mind. It is popular due to its ease of use

Course Duration: Node. JS is a basic-level primary language used for non-blocking servers. It is easy to use and learn due to its single-threaded nature. The language can be learned within a year and is used for traditional websites and back-end API services. The basic level course can be known within one year.

Entry Level Salary: The average beginner-level salary for a Full Stack Software Engineer with expertise in Node. JS is ₹600,000.

5. DevOps Course

DevOps Course

DevOps is a slightly advanced course with a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. It shortens the systems development life cycle with continuous delivery and high software quality. DevOps is complementary to Agile software development.

Course Duration: DevOps also ask for proficiency in Linux certification. Linux looks like apache, and it is constructive. It would help if you also moved to cloud AWS or Azure entry-level training. DevOps helps you learn to automate old tasks to the cloud. To become smooth and efficient in the course, you must give it 1.5 years.

Entry Level Salary: DevOps beginner level salary ranges from INR 6000 to INR 12000, but it is based on your education qualification and skill set.

Short-Term Courses After the 12th Commerce 

The short-term courses after 12th Commerce are well developed to ensure a professional and well-paying job in the IT or software industry.

1. Java Course

Java Course

Java is a solid general-purpose programming language used to develop desktop and mobile applications. It is used in big data processing and embedded systems. Java runs on 3 billion devices globally, and this makes Java one of the most popular programming languages.

Course Duration: To learn Java at a basic level, the students need to understand the development of desktop and mobile applications, big data processing, and embedded systems. To understand Java programming languages, the course duration is one year.

Entry Level Salary: The average Java developer salary in India is INR 450,000 per annum, with an hourly salary of INR 175.

2. Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is one of the most trending courses in India these days. Corporate industries are embracing digital, and there is boosting demand for digital marketing professionals in India. Job opportunities are high, and the digital sector is hiring students from marketing, advertising, and management. Digital professionals are helpful in all sectors or industries.

Course Duration: The course needs basic internet knowledge and good English, and it offers jobs as a Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Executive/Analyst/Specialist, Assistant Marketing Manager, Marketing Analyst, and Digital Media Specialist with a course duration of 2 years

Entry Level Salary: The entry-level salary range for a digital marketing professional is up to 11 lakhs per annum

4. IT Sales Course

IT Sales Course

There are other IT sales short-term courses like Project Management Professional, Certified ScrumMaster, Amazon Web Services, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library. All these courses ensure high-paying professional jobs with excellent chances of building a career.

Course Duration: IT sales short-term courses like Project Management Professional, Certified ScrumMaster, Amazon Web Services, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library has a beginner course duration of 2 years.

Entry Level Salary: The entry-level salary range for an IT sales professional is up to 10-11 lakhs per annum

Short-Term Courses After 12th Arts 

The various short-term courses after 12th arts ensure well-paying jobs in different industries.

1. Graphics Designing Course

Graphics Designing Course

Graphic design helps to project ideas through text or pictures in advertisements. The profession of visual communication is a significant aspect of communication design. Students can learn various skills such as image-making, print design, type design, animation, and typography. These skills help in the completion of different design projects.

Course Duration: Students learn image-making, print, and type design skills. The skills help complete various design projects, and the introductory course duration is 1 to 1.5 years.

Entry-Level Salary: The annual graphic designer salary is 1.8 Lacs. The average yearly graphic designer salary with experience of 3 years is ₹ 2.9 Lacs.

2. Web Designing Course

Web Designing Course

Web design is one of the prominent modern-day courses, and web designing careers go a long way. Web designing is getting more popular as there is much clarity as the job progresses. Any arts students can do a Web designing course after 12th, to make their career in IT sector.

Course Duration: The web design salary per month offered for fresh candidates increases as the training increases. The course duration for web designing is 1.5 years.

Entry Level Salary: The annual web designer salary is INR 4-5 Lacs per annum

3. UI & UX Designing Course

UI & UX Designing Course

UX design has evolved into a prominent role with the advancement of the UX designer. Visual design, information architecture, interaction design, content strategy, and user research are a part of UX design. It leads to increased salaries for UI/UX designers.

Course Duration: UX includes prominent roles like UX researcher, UX manager, UX designer, UX writer, UI designer, and UX strategist, and the course duration is 1.5 years.

Entry Level Salary: The annual UI/UX designer salary is INR 13.5 Lakhs per annum

Learning these courses involves real-life training sessions. With the rise in demand for these courses in different sectors and industries, we can get experts. After completion of the course, students can get a chance to work on diverse projects in other fields. They ensure a fruitful career with a high-paying job in various sectors.