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Web Design Courses after 12th – Skills & Eligibility Required for Being a Web Designer

August 16, 2021

Do you have an interest in designing websites?

Looking for courses after the 12th to become a web designer?

The article will clear all your doubts related to web designing courses after completing the 12th.

The world is going digital, and in this growing age of digitalization, every company and organization is trying to market their product and services digitally. That said, the role of a web designer is increasing rapidly. Web designing is designing a well-structured and attractive website that would help a company or organization to promote its product and services.

But, the question that arises here is how to become a web designer?

The journey to becoming a web designer starts with a passion for designing websites. One can start this journey by doing full-time as well as certified web designing courses.  Individuals who have a passion for website designing from an early age can start building their careers right after completing class 12th. While discussing the scope of web designing in India, the profession is ever-growing as everyone today wants to market products and services digitally. Websites are the foremost way of doing it. Hence, starting your career in web designing right after the 12th can be a great step towards your flourishing career.

Why Choose a Web Designing Course After the 12th?

After class 12th students are looking for career choices that can give them good employment in the future. The Web designing courses after 12th allows individuals to have a great start to their professional careers. The courses provide basic professional skills and right after 12th can help individuals to create a strong foundation. The courses are of different duration ranging from basic to advance level also as full- time and certificate courses. Grabbing the right skills after 12th for web designing can help individuals who are passionate about designing websites build a great career.

Which Skills Are Required For Being A Web Designer?

The individuals who aspire to take up web designing as their career are required to have certain skill sets to be a proficient web designer that include personal skills like communication and problem-solving skills and several professional skills as well.

The personal skills required for becoming a web designer are:

  1. Team player
  2. Multitasking
  3. Creative eye
  4. Promptness
  5. Time management
  6. Critical mindset

The technical or professional skills required to become a web designer are:

  1. Knowledge of coding
  2. Software and typography knowledge
  3. Visual designing skills
  4. Knowledge of the latest trends in technology

The above skills are a must for an aspiring web designer. The skills can be developed over a while and eventually come with experience.

Eligibility And Duration For Web Design Courses

eligibility of web deisgn course

The eligibility of web designing courses depends upon the type of courses. So, lets’ first see the Type of courses individuals can pursue after completing 12th.

# Type of course Duration Eligibility Courses
1 Full-time bachelor courses 3-4 years Class 12th or equivalent from a recognized board B. Tech in CS,
B. Tech in IT
B.Sc. in Web Development
2 Full-time Diploma courses 1-2 years Class 12th or equivalent from a recognized board Diploma in Web designing
Diploma in multimedia and web designing,
Advanced diploma in web design and internet
Advanced diploma in web designing and office automation
3 Certificate Courses 18 months-2 years Class 12th or equivalent from a recognized board Certificate course in Web designing
Certificate course in multimedia and web designing
Certificate course in web design and software application
Certificate course in web design and office automation
4 Post Graduate courses 2 years Bachelor’s degree in web development/designing/engineering  Postgraduate diploma in web designing
Post Graduate degree in web design and E-commerce

Web Design Course Syllabus

The syllabus of web designing courses depends upon the type of course one is pursuing. In web designing courses the most important thing is knowledge of programming languages and skills like particular to detail and a creative eye is required. In the courses of web design the following topics are covered in the syllabus:

  1. Creation of visual effects
  2. Drawing and sketching
  3. Internet programming
  4. Visualization techniques
  5. Adobe Photoshop
  6. Graphic design
  7. HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  8. Design Fundamentals
  9. NET and LAB ASP
  10. Designing and Image Graphics

These topics are covered under multiple modules offered differently in different types of web designing courses.

Web Designing Course Fees

The web design has different fee structures which normally range from 50,000- 1 Lac for a bachelor’s degree. The web designing course fee depends on the duration and type of course. The certificate and diploma courses might ask for a lower fee.

S.no. Course Fees
1 B. Tech in CS/IT INR 40,000- INR 4,00,000
2 B.SC. in Web development INR 20,000-30,000
3 Diploma in Web designing INR 75000- INR 5 Lakh
4 Diploma in multimedia and web designing, INR 42,000- INR 1,25,000
6 Advanced diploma in web designing and office automation INR 5,500 – INR 42,000
7 Certificate course in Web designing INR 10000- INR 36000
8 Certificate course in Multimedia and Web designing INR 40,000- INR 50000
9 Certificate course in web design and software application INR 15000
10 Certificate course in web design and office automation INR 5,500- INR 50,000
11 Postgraduate diploma in web designing INR 15,000- INR 1,00,000
12 Post Graduate degree in web design and E-commerce INR 34,000 – INR 3, 00,000

Career And Scope Of Web Designing Courses

Career growth in web design

The demand for web designers is ever-increasing because of the digitalization of businesses. According to a report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics employment of web designers is expected to grow by 8% from the year 2019-2029. After completing web designing courses individuals can get employment at the following positions:

  1. Front-end developer
  2. Back-end developer
  3. Full-stack web developer
  4. Web application developer
  5. Web marketing analyst
  6. Web holo designer
  7. Web page designer
  8. Senior web analyst

Salary Prospects Of Web Designers Based on experience

  • A fresher in web designing can start earning in the range of 15k-20k per month.
  • With an experience of 2-4 years, the pay may increase to 40K per month.
  • A freelance web designer might earn more by charging hourly.
Job Profiles Average Salary
Front End Developer INR 4.8 LPA
Senior Web Analyst INR 6 LPA
Internet Moderator INR 7.7 LPA
Web Page Designer INR 3.5 LPA
Full Stack Web Developer INR 6 LPA

Web designing is a highly demanded profession in the world where everyone is trying to promote themselves through technology. After completing class 12th, there are various courses available that provide specific skills to become a web designer. LogicsRay, Academy Ahmedabad provides excellent web designing courses for becoming a proficient web designer. The students who have an interest and passion in designing websites can have a promising career by doing the right courses.