Get the Node JS development Training in Ahmedabad

Node.js Development Training in Ahmedabad: Learn Node.js Framework

September 10, 2020

Node.js is an open source, cross platform, JavaScript runtime environment that is used by a lot of developers because of its efficiency and easy to use functionality. It is used for developing server side applications. With the help of Node.js you can make the changes in the back-end of any application. Node.js was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 using Google chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. V8 is an open source and high performance JavaScript engine and it was released in September, 2008. With the help of Node.js the work of developers has become much easier.

Get the Node JS development Training in Ahmedabad

Node.js is mainly used for the development of real time applications because it is fast and scalable and you can handle all the requests by using a single threaded model with the event loop. The event loop allows Node.js to carry out multiple operations at the same time. Generally, when a request is sent to the server, then until the server processes and responds to that request it cannot handle another query. This is an asynchronous process and it is time consuming and inefficient. With Node.js you don’t have to wait before submitting another query because the event loop helps Node.js to carry our multiple operations at the same time. Node.js makes the CPU more efficient by reducing the idle time of the CPU. One of the other advantages is that Node.js applications never buffer any data.

Node.js frameworks

Node.js allows you to create dynamic page content. You can collect form data or make any changes in your database. It runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, MaC OS, etc.

The framework makes the development a lot easier and simple as it acts as a platform for developing any application. A framework may have libraries, compilers, or other things that help in the development of software. Here, we have mentioned some of the popular node.js frameworks.


It is a flexible framework that is used in managing the server and routes. This framework is used for designing single page, multi-page, and hybrid applications. Express.js is a customisable framework and you can learn it easily. It helps in rapid server side programming. You can encounter bugs in any tasks and to find the exact source and to correct it takes up a lot of time but express.js has an easy debugging system that allows the users to know the exact location or the source of the application that caused bugs. This eventually saves up a lot of time and makes express.js more efficient. Some of the major websites that use express.js are IBM, Flickr, Mozilla, Walmart, PayPal, GoDaddy, etc.


It is used for building Websites, scalable API’s, and HTTP proxy applications. Hapi.js can be used with all front end frameworks like Angular, React, etc. for creating a single page application. There are various features that make hapi.js most preferred framework over other and that are code reusability, input validation, configuration based functionality, no external dependencies, error handling, security, integrated architecture, etc. Hapi.js has plug-in based architecture for scaling and has lot more functions for building web servers. It comes with some amazing enterprise plug-ins like yar, catbox, boom, joi, etc. Overall, hapi,js makes the development of applications much easier.


Sails.js can help in developing a prototype faster. You can save a lot of time by placing the files under the API. It is used to build custom enterprise grade node.js applications. Some of the important features of sails.js are numerous automated generators, no need of additional routing, compatible with other front-end technologies, support for websockets, etc. Sails.js is compatible with nearly all database because of its waterline ORM.


It comes with real-time features that makes this framework faster compared to others. If you make any changes in the application then it automatically updates the template. Meteor.js has all the components like libraries, configurations tools, and databases that are required for front-end and back-end development. With the help of meteor.js you can build web applications from the scratch. It uses MongoDB database by default. Because of these features you can work on large projects with the help of meteor.js.


Koa.js is developed and maintained by the developers of express.js. With the help of koa.js you can identify errors and handle them more efficiently. Some of the important features of Koa.js are component based building blocks, cascading middlewares, efficient handling of error, no callbacks hell, and no need for domains. Koa.js provides better user experience and proper stream handling. By using Koa.js you can build fast and scalable network applications.
These were some of the important node.js framework that makes the work of developers easy with their features.

Why should you be a Node JS developer?

Node JS developer

Node JS is one of the most important and popular JavaScript runtime environment that is used by a lot of developers. If you know node.js then you don’t have to know other languages for full-stack development. Node.js is used by a lot of big companies like eBay, Netflix, LinkedIn, Walmart, PayPal, etc. The demand of node.js is continuously increasing and so are the job opportunities in the market. The IT field is growing rapidly and the salary in this field is very high once you are well established and have good experience.

Node.js development training in Ahmedabad

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