Learn Web Designing From the Expert Web Designers at LogicRays Academy

Learn Web Designing From the Expert Web Designers at LogicRays Academy

August 31, 2020

Web designing is the most crucial part of website development. Elegant web design is necessary to make a good impact on website performance. A well designed and user-friendly website can help any business to secure a higher conversion-rate. UI/UX also play a role in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that’s why a website must have SEO-friendly pages. A web designer is responsible to create  responsive web-pages, that helps to access website on different devices. So, indirectly good web designing will lead to a better website performance.

Web Designing From the Expert Web Designers

If users are having difficulty in finding what they are looking for then it is a major setback for the website or the business and it creates a negative impact in the mind of customers. Web designing can help eliminate this threat and it can help in making a business more successful.

UI and UX are also an important part of any website or web page. UX is user experience and it is used to enhance the overall visitor experience. The main objective of User Experience is to provide easy access to the users. UI stands for User Interface and it focuses on the website navigation. The website should be interactive and it should not be difficult for users to find any information on a web page. The final output that any company or business wants is more traffic on the website and growth of business. Hence, in order to make a business successful UI, UX, and web designing are an essential part of it.

Best web designing technologies and tools

As an aspirant web designer you must be familiar with various tools and technologies like HTML, CSS, etc. Here, we have mentioned some of the important tools and technologies, have a look at it.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language,  It’s is necessary for web designer to learn HTML. The use of HTML is to create the web pages. It is not a difficult language to learn and anyone can learn it easily. HTML allows to create a webpage with headings, text, tables, videos, photos, etc. This helps in making a page look more interactive. You can also retrieve information by using hyperlinks. Almost all browsers support HTML.


CSS is actually used for making any web page or website look better. It includes colours, layouts, backgrounds, and fonts. The main difference between HTML and CSS is that HTML is used to design and structure the whole website or web page whereas, CSS is used for the amazing appearance of that website or web page. Hence, with the help of CSS you can make more interactive and attractive websites.


Bootstrap is a popular and easy to use front-end web design framework. It makes the job of web developer easy because it provides various customizable design themes and templates that you can use. Users can easily customize it depending upon their requirement and necessity. It is easy to use and eventually saves up a lot of time because of the templates. Bootstrap is an open source framework and it is compatible with almost all browsers. These features makes it an important technology to learn in the field of web designing.

Web designing software

Web designing Software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Web-flow, Figma, etc. are an important part of web designing. Not only in web designing but Photoshop has become an essential part of various fields because of the features that it offers. The use of Photoshop is mainly for image editing and in the field of web designing it can be used for editing and optimization of images, create banners or icons, and in creating the layout of a web page. These are some of the important areas in web designing where you can use Photoshop.

Similarly, Adobe Illustrator is a perfect tool for creating vector graphics. One of the amazing feature of adobe illustrator is that it allows you to see the CSS code of the selected object. You just have to select the text and then you can see the font name, size, and the colour. Adobe Illustrator allows you to create the design for multiple devices like Phones, tablets, and desktop in the same project. These are some of the design tools or software that are helpful in making web designing easy and efficient.

Soft skills

Apart from all the technical skills and tools it is important for a web designer to possess soft skills like project management, time management, etc. No matter in which field you are, time management and project management skills are very essential. These things will eventually have a positive impact on your web designing career. For web designers it is important to at least know the basics about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because the web page and website design can affect the ranking of that page in the search engine. Hence, the basic knowledge of SEO is very important for web designing.

These are some of the tools, technologies, and skills that you must have if you want to make a successful career in web designing. Apart from this, responsive design is also a big part of web designing. Responsive designing automatically scales the content of the website in order to match the size of the screen. This makes the website mobile friendly and prevents the images from getting larger than the actual screen size. Responsive design ensures that users will get seamless experience of a website in all the devices like phone, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

Want to be a web designer?

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There are numerous opportunities currently in the field of IT sector. Web designing is one such field where there are a lot of requirements for creative people. The demand of website designing is continuously increasing and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. So, the people interested in this field must have good knowledge of the tools and technologies that are required in this field along with the creativity. The salary is also very high once you get well established in this field. Web designers can also work in various other fields like Advertising agencies, Marketing firms, Educational institutes, etc. Apart from this you can also work as a freelancer for any web designing company.

If you are interested in the field of Web designing then you can enroll yourself in the web designing training course at Logicrays Academy. Here, at Logicrays Academy you can work on live projects, engage in problem solving sessions, and learn from expert mentors. Contact us that will help you in getting better job opportunities in the market.