The Ever-chPython for Data Science and AI

The Computer Programming Evolution: Python for Data Science and AI

August 28, 2020

Python is a high level and general purpose programming language that was developed by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1991. Computer programming languages are continuously evolving, and the world is taking a lot of forward strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Python is playing a major role in Data Science and AI projects. The reason for python programming language playing an important role in AI and Data Science is that it is easy to learn and read by humans. Python syntax makes it easier for programmers to build AI models that include complex algorithms.

Python for Data Science and AI

The first high level programming language was C programming language and it was developed in the year 1972, by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan. C programming language is still used today and it serves as a base for various other programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. Slowly and steadily there was huge development in the field of programming languages depending upon the various projects requirements. Python is considered among the top three programming languages because it can be easily adapted in data science projects and also in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Python for Machine Learning and AI

Python for Machine Learning and AI

Data science is the process that includes scientific methods and algorithms for analysis and prediction of any structured or unstructured data, whereas, AI is the implementation of a model for predicting the future events. Data science mostly uses statistical techniques and AI mostly comprises of algorithms. Artificial intelligence is used in Data science to analyse and predict the data. Data collection is an important part of Data science, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning. Collection of data is also important as it allows you to store the information and analyse it whenever required.

Python is a perfect option for data analysis, as it is easy to learn python because of its clear syntax and good readability. Other programming languages are harder to learn and master. Along with the good readability, python programming language also has a lot of libraries that helps in Machine learning and AI. Python is a flexible language and has excellent support which makes it even easier to use and work with. Here, we have mentioned some of the Python projects that helps in learning Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.


Scikit-learn library is used for analysis and mining of data. It is not difficult to use. This library provides tools like classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and regression. All these tools makes Scikit-learn an important part of Python programming language.


It is an important library for machine learning. Theano allows users to efficiently calculate multi-dimensional arrays for mathematical operations. It works faster on Graphics Processing Unit.


It is used for high end numerical computations and large scale machine learning. Abstraction is an important feature of TensorFlow library as it allows developers to focus on the comprehensive logic of the application. TensorFlows also allows users to work on the project remotely. Overall, TensorFlow makes machine learning fast and efficient.


Keras is a perfect library for neural networks and machine learning. It is used for evaluating deep learning models. Keras is quick and offers large community support.


It is generally used for building neural network based on deep learning models. Speed and flexibility are the most important feature that Pytorch library offers.


It is an open source machine learning library that is used for various algorithms and data structures for the problems that are related to machine learning. Good knowledge of Shogun helps in getting better at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Gensim is scalable and platform independent library. It is used to handle collection of large texts with the help of data streaming and incremental online algorithms.


Full form of CAFFE is Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding. It can process over 60 million images in a day. CAFFE is used in various fields like Multimedia, Academic research, etc.


It is useful in Neuroimaging data for fast and easy statistical learning like classification, modelling, decoding, connectivity analysis, etc.


It is very flexible and can be used in various fields and problems. PyMC has methods for summarizing output, convergence diagnostics and plotting. It is an important tool in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

These are some of the Python Projects that are helpful in understanding and learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Why is Python Preferred for Data Science and AI?

Python programming language is considered as one of the best programming languages for Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Here, we have mentioned the reasons that makes python the most preferred choice for Data Science and AI.

Python for Data Science and AI

Python is Simple and Consistent

Python is a simple and easy to read programming language compared to other languages like C, C#, JavaScript, Java, etc. This helps the developers to focus on AI and ML problems. It is an object oriented programming language and it is easy to learn. Python is also developer friendly language that can do a set of complex machine learning tasks.

Extensive selection of Python libraries and frameworks

Python has a large number of frameworks and libraries that helps developers to reduce the development time. It has some amazing libraries for AI and ML like NumPy for scientific computing, SciPy for mathematical and advanced computing, PyBrain for machine learning, Pandas for general purpose data analysis, etc. All these libraries help the users to develop the products faster and with ease.

Platform Independence

Platform independence means developers can run the code on other operating systems without making any changes in the code. Python is platform independent programming language and it is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Python uses PVM to convert python code to machine understandable code and that is why python is also known as an interpreted language.

Great community and popularity

According to The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, Python is the third most loved programming language after Rust and Typescript by developers. Python is one of the most important programming language when it comes to Data science, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning. Python has large community with millions of developers that interact with each other. Python is famous for its excellent community support.

These are some of the amazing features of Python Programming Language. All these features makes Python a perfect programming language for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Why should you learn Python?

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is inevitable and because of this there will be a large number of career opportunities in this field in coming time. The knowledge of Python programming language will help programmers to get better opportunities in the programming field. The future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is very bright because the world is slowly moving into that space.

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