skills required for becoming a full stack developer

What is a Full Stack Developer?What Skills are Required for Becoming It?

June 30, 2020

IT sector has a lot of job opportunities to offer.By keeping in mind its current growth, the  opportunities will surely increase in future. One of the high paying jobs in this sector is the job of a Full Stack Developer. Now, the first question that arises in mind is, what is Full Stack Developer?

skills required for becoming a full stack developer

In simple terms, a full stack developer has to deal with all the front end and back end operations in a website or application. Becoming a full stack developer is not an easy task and it requires  lot of skills.A good full stack developer has a good grasp of various programming languages that are useful in front and back end development.

Along with the programming languages, a full stack developer must have good knowledge of databases. Database acts as an important part because it is used to store and access the data of any application. A full stack developer must be fully aware with the various kinds of databases such as Relational, NoSQL, etc. and should know in which situations they must be used.

Different Types of Stacks

A stack is a combination of different programs that work together in order to provide the desired output. There are different software stacks available. These stacks are selected depending upon the type of project and the requirement of company. Below is the list of some of the popular software stacks:

1) LAMP Stack

It is one of the most famous stack that is used widely for web development. It has those core languages of web development available in it like PHP. There are four major components and those components altogether form the name ‘LAMP’.

  • Linux – Open source operating system
  • Apache – Web Server
  • MySQL – Database management system
  • PHP – Open source scripting language

With different operating systems the name changes. For example if the stack is built on Windows OS then it is termed as WAMP, if Macintosh system is used then it is known as MAMP, etc.

2) MERN Stack

MERN is a combination of technologies based on JavaScript. The four components that form MERN are:

MongoDB – NoSQL database for storage and access of data
Express – Web program framework used for back-end development
ReactJS – A JavaScript library used for building user interface
NodeJS – A JavaScript runtime environment used for executing server side code

To be good at MERN stack you must have a good understanding of JavaScript and also the basic concept of databases and web frameworks. Having a good knowledge of NodeJS will help for sure in becoming a mern stack developer.

3) MEAN Stack

The use of MEAN Stack is increasing because it is user-friendly, fast, and robust. It is considered perfect for building dynamic websites and applications.  A developer must have some creative skills to excel ahead as a mean stack developer.

The four components that MEAN comprises of are:

MongoDB – NoSQL database for storage purpose
Express – Lightweight and Easy to use framework for back-end development
AngularJS – Robust JavaScript framework used for developing application and making testing easier
NodeJS – An efficient server side JavaScript runtime

The MEAN and MERN stack are very similar but the major difference between them is the usage of ReactJS and AngularJS for front-end development.

Skills Required For Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Becoming a full stack developer requires a lot of skills and in-depth understanding of functional knowledge. A Full stack developer must possess the perfect blend of technical and soft skills. Below we have mentioned all the necessary technical and soft skills that are very important for becoming a full stack developer.

• Technical Skills

1) Programming Languages       

No matter what job you take in IT sector, programming languages are essential everywhere. For becoming a full stack developer you have to work on both front end and back end development and for that it becomes important to have a good knowledge of different programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, C#, PHP, Perl, etc.

Both front and back end development requires different programming languages. Front end development deals with the parts that users interact with whereas, back end development deals with all the other things like database operations, codes focusing on functionality and logic of website or application.

2) Databases

Database is the most essential part if you want to develop any application because you need a place to store and access the data. A full stack developer should have knowledge regarding relational and non-relational database and must be able to differentiate between them. He must also know how to connect a backend language with a database.

3) Web Architecture

This is considered as an advanced skill that a full stack developer must be familiar with. He should be familiar with how to structure the code and how to seperate the big files and store them. In order to develop complex applications he must know how to perform computational tasks.

4) Version Control System

There are various versions of an application. Sometimes, you might need to recall a specific version of that application. Version control system helps you in managing all the changes that you made in the computer. If you have proper information about it then you can easily recall the specific version of an application that you desired.

• Soft Skills

Below are some skills that will help you in becoming a good full stack developer:

1) Discipline
2) Curiosity
3) Creativity
4) Time Management
5) Patience
6) Passion

Perfect combination of both technical and soft skills will help you in becoming a good full stack developer.These were some of the skills that are required to become a full stack developer.

Advantages of becoming a Full Stack Developer

• You can choose to work on either both or any  one of the types of web development jobs : front end development and back end development.

• A Full Stack Web Developer can easily find a problem and solve it as having knowledge of both the worlds can help you in finding the root cause of the problem.

• A Full Stack Developer is a first choice for every company nowadays as companies don’t want to spend extra resources for two different persons.

According to Jobted, a full stack developer in India earns around 6.5 lakhs per annum.

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