21 Creative Python Projects for Beginners & Intermediate

January 10, 2022

When it comes to one of the most popular programming languages, Python is the one that is most trendy these days. Python programming language is an interpreted, high-level language. Its philosophy emphasizes code readability. Students are looking for the best python project ideas to enhance their skills. we have suggested many useful Ideas for the python projects for beginners in this article.

Python is one of the trendiest languages used by programmers these days. Python project ideas for beginners are integral to enhancing their skills. The philosophy of Python emphasizes code readability. It gives many practical ideas for the Python project. The language has an object-oriented approach and, it aims at helping programmers to write logical codes. The language provides a real-time work environment and, it improves knowledge. Which is the best language to develop a career in software development?

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Tips to Choose Python Projects

  1. Choose an appropriate platform to create your cool python project.
  2. Work on your target audience i.e., for whom this python project idea is to build.
  3. If you are looking for a software product for public use, the web is the ideal platform.
  4. Freshers and intermediate developers can make desktop GUI as they are widely used by people across the globe.

Importance of Python Project

  1. Real tools and technologies make you more confident about your strengths and identify your weakness which boosts your confidence.
  2. Python projects allow you to experiment with new tools and technologies that upgrade your knowledge.
  3. It gives you a deeper understanding of how software development works. Over time, you become habitual of planning before writing the code, executing, testing, etc.
  4. Continuous practice will help you master the concept and patterns of programming in different languages.

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Python Project Ideas

Below is the list of best ideas for the python project. We have bifurcated it into 3 levels i.e. Python project for beginners levels, intermediate level, and advanced level.

Let’s get detail about all projects.

Python Projects for Beginners

1. Mad Libs Generator – Best Word Game

""" Mad Libs Generator
//Loop back to this point once code finishes
loop = 1
while (loop < 10):
// All the questions that the program asks the user
   noun = input("Choose a noun: ")
    p_noun = input("Choose a plural noun: ")
   noun2 = input("Choose a noun: ")
   place = input("Name a place: ")
   adjective = input("Choose an adjective (Describing word): ")
   noun3 = input("Choose a noun: ")
// Displays the story based on the users input
   print ("------------------------------------------")
   print ("Be kind to your",noun,"- footed", p_noun)
   print ("For a duck may be somebody's", noun2,",")
   print ("Be kind to your",p_noun,"in",place)
   print ("Where the weather is always",adjective,".")
   print ()
   print ("You may think that is this the",noun3,",")
   print ("Well it is.")
   print ("------------------------------------------")
// Loop back to "loop = 1"
    loop = loop + 1

It provides the best ideas to start experimenting on interesting python projects. It is most suitable for beginners as it primarily focuses on strings, variables, and concatenation. The program design will ask the user to enter inputs like an adjective, a noun, or pronoun and will arrange the inputs in the form of a story.

2. Text-Based Adventure Game

This is the basic version of an adventure game that is completely text-based. In this game within a single setting, users can move through different rooms, and based on inputs it describes each room. Including a tracker and creating walls will make this project more interesting.

3. Number Guessing Game

This interesting project can be named a mini python project. In this project, the computer will choose any number between 1 to 10, 1 to 100, or any range. The user gets a hint to guess the number and every time he guesses wrong; he gets another hint which reduces his score.

4. Hangman – One of the Oldest Word Game

This is an interesting python project. Here users have to enter letter guesses which are limited in number. A pre-organized word list has to be created from where users can grab words. Specific functions have to be used to check whether the user has entered a single letter or the input letter is in a hidden word.

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors

A fun python project to change your mood. A random function is used here where you make a move first and then the program makes one. Use a single alphabet or an entire string to indicate a move and a function will be required to check the validity of the move.

6. Dice Rolling Simulator

dice game Python Projects for Beginners

The program imitates a rolling dice and, it is an interesting Python project that generates a random number. The dice can be rolled repeatedly. When the user rolls the dice, the program generates a random number from 1 to 6. This number is then displayed to the user and asks if they want to roll the dice. The program also includes a function to randomly grab a number between 1 to 6.

7. Email Slicer

It is a convenient Python project with a lot of use in the future. This program helps get the username and domain name from your email address. You can customize the application to send a message to the host with the information.

8. Binary search algorithm

The program is a great Python project idea for beginners. It is designed to search a number using the binary search algorithm. The program helps create a list of random numbers from 0 to 100. Every succeeding number has a difference of 2 between the numbers.

9. Desktop Notifier App

notification project code in python

It is a small Python project idea that helps to send notifications. It helps to develop desktop notifier apps that run on the system. It sends a piece of information after a fixed time interval. The user should use libraries like notify2 and requests to build the program.

10. Python Story Generator

It is an exciting and fun Python project that is great for kids. The program asks the users for inputs like to name a place and action. The game helps to build a story around data. The story is similar but with a little variation with input.

11. YouTube video downloader

Many people watch YouTube. Sometimes there are some videos we want to download. YouTube does not have such an option but, an app can be created with simple UI. A YouTube video downloader lets to download YouTube videos in various formats.

12. Python Website Blocker

 Website blocker using Python Projects for Beginners

While surfing the internet, unwanted websites can come up. In a practical Python project, you can build the program to block some websites from opening. The program is beneficial for students who have to study without social media distractions.

13. Spin a Yarn

Things are more engrossing projects with strings and, they are complex to play with. The Python program prompts users to enter a series of inputs. It can be an adjective, a preposition, or a proper noun. Once the inputs are in place, they can be placed in a premade story template through concatenation.

14. What’s the word?

This project focuses on users guessing the randomly generated word. It can create a list from which this word will have to be guessed. After this, when the user inputs a word, they can indicate if the alphabet appears in a particular position.

15. Contact Book

A great idea to start experimenting with a hands-on Python project is working on a contact book. Building a contact book need varied coding skills. They encourage solving problems in the development process. You can create a contact book application with Python, PyQt, and SQLite.

16. Leap it!

In the Python project, the user inputs a year and checks whether it is a leap year. For this; the user needs to create a function that recognizes patterns of leap years and fit inputted years into the pattern. How can Python be used for games?

17. Find out, Fibonacci!

Fibonacci finder using python

The user inputs a number and, the function created checks if this number belongs to the Fibonacci sequence. One theme of all these projects is that they help you get your basics right.

18. Build a Quiz App with Python

It is a quiz application. It presents carefully curated questions to users, allows them to answer, and displays correct answers. The test will show the final score application with the account creation option.

19. Automate Excel Operations with Python

Excel spreadsheets are needed and, it is used with automated tasks using Python. It does wonder for productivity. It will automate the excel spreadsheets-based tasks through Python.

20. Make a Snake Game

For Python beginners, a snake game can be a great starting point. The module is made for this purpose for beginners to be tried out. The program is done in Python 3.

21. Create a Simple Chatbot with Python

Chatbots in Python are becoming popular as intelligent bots imitate natural human languages. The tool is leveraged to drive business benefits. You can build a chatbot using Python.

Python Project Ideas at Intermediate Level

1. Python Command-line Application 

Outstanding command-line applications can be created by python. You can create a program that will enable you to send emails to other people. You need to provide credentials and content of the e-mail and you will be able to send data using your created command line.

2. Random Password Generator

At times we find it a tedious task to create a strong password and remember it. You can create an interesting program that intakes some words and generates a strong random password. The words that the user gave will help him remember the password.

3. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

We recall our childhood memories when we hear Tic-Tac-Toe. It is the coolest python project idea. The first player puts “X” and the second one “O” in different squares. This will continue until all the squares are filled. Once a player succeeds in creating a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical grid will win. Pygame library will be used for this.

4. Alarm Clock

For an intermediate developer, this is a simple Command Line Interface. Alarm Clock applications are used by people across the globe. Here you can input YouTube links in a text file and design an application to read the file. When a particular time is set in the alarm clock, it will pick and play a random YouTube video.

5. Site Connectivity Checker 

This program visits a URL and displays its status whether it is a live URL or not. Site Connectivity Checkers visit URLs at regular intervals. The code of this program is to be designed from scratch. TCP or ICMP can be used for connections.

Python Projects Ideas at Advanced Level

1. Speed Typing Test

An old typing test game was used in Windows XP. A similar program can be created to check typing speed. First, you have to create a UI using a library and then a fun typing test. This will check user speed, accuracy, and words per minute.

2. Expense Tracker

As the name suggests it’s an application that will help you keep track and analyze the expenses. It has to be designed in a way that enables performance statistical analysis and gives accurate insights to users on their expenses. PySimpleGUI is the best to create an interface for this application. Python libraries like Pandas and Matlpotlib can be handy tools for this project.

3. Python File Explorer  

This project is going to act as a knowledge tester for various concepts of python. With this app, users can explore files in their system and add features like search and copy-paste. Tkinter proves to be the best as it makes GUI applications easy and fast.

4. Content Aggregator

The Internet has exploded with information. It becomes very tough to explore everything when one has to search for any content. Content Aggregator will help in searching popular websites and relevant content as per the requirement. It will be completely unbiased and provide cream content.

5. Web Crawler

It is an automated program script that will help in finding up-to-date information. A multi-thread concept has to be used for this project. Its automated program script will surf the internet and store the content of the particular webpage. Python’s request module or Scrapy can be used to make a crawler bot. It is explicitly designed for web scraping and extracting data by using API.

Select Best Project Platform

Developing a python project on a particular platform is very essential. It makes it easy for others to use it. But selecting one is not that easy. Web, Desktop, and command-line are the three main platforms that developers use.

1) Web

Web applications are software projects that run on the web and can be used by anyone with a working internet connection. It is easy to access them on any device with downloading. The web is an ideal platform to create a software product for public use. Python takes care of all back-end and front-end needs. Its exclusive library eliminates the need for Javascript or HTML.

2) Desktop GUI

This is a great project idea for freshers and intermediate-level developers as it is widely used by people across the globe. You can easily develop it without learning front-end technology. Several frameworks are available with python for creating a desktop application. It can be easily made compatible with all major operating systems.

To Sum Up

In this article, we have included 15 best and easy python project ideas for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Python projects are very interesting and once you go through the level by level you will gain expertise in the same. It will improve your python skills and give you hands-on experience. If you are a curious learner python projects are best for you. These are going to upskill you for the future.

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