reasons to become programmer

How to Become a Programmer – Complete Guide For Beginners

June 1, 2020

Computer programming is a field that is growing at a very rapid pace. We are surrounded by technologies and programming is an essential part to create these technologies that we use in our day to day life. Programming makes these technologies work efficiently. The field is programming is a very broad concept as it includes web designing, mobile apps development, video games development, and many more.

reasons to become programmer

As the technologies are growing very rapidly, there is a huge demand of programmers that can work in this field. Job opportunities in this field have increased a lot in recent times. Hence, a lot of people wants to shift in the programming field because of more opportunities and good income.
However, to become a programmer is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that you must figure out before you enter the field of programming.

Tips to Become a Programmer

Here we have discussed that and stated the important points that must be kept in mind for becoming a programmer.

1) Why do you want to learn programming?

why you should become programmer
This is the basic and most important question that a person should ask themselves before learning anything. You must know why you want to learn programming or anything else. This will make your path clear into what field of programming would you like to go. Depending up on that there will be programming languages that you will need to learn.

You must know that whether you are serious for learning a programming language or you are doing it just for fun. Programming is not limited to some specific tasks, it is quite big and broad concept and you have to select which field you specifically want to go, for example, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, etc.

2) Decide a specific field that you want to go

why you should become programmer

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous fields in programming. Every field uses different programming languages and has different requirement. So before deciding this it is very difficult to get into programming and learn it. Some of the most popular fields include Web development, Mobile app development, Data analyst, and Software engineers.

Apart from these there are many other fields that might interest you. Almost everyone in IT now wants to become a software developer.Hence a thorough research is required in order to decide on a specific field that you wish to go into.

Every field uses different programming languages. If some programming languages are used in web development then that language would not be used in Artificial intelligence development or machine learning. There are different programming languages that are used across various fields.

3) Applications of programming language

applications of programming

There are a lot of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Swift, etc. You must learn the features of all the programming languages and where they are exactly used. Python is the most versatile language and has a lot of functionalities as it can be used in various fields like software development, data analysis, etc.

It is also very important to learn if you are focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. HTML is used for creating web pages for a website. You can design interactive web pages with the help of HTML programming language. Whereas, JavaScript is used to for engaging and attractive web development. Similarly, every programming language has its own applications.

4) Start learning programming

learning programming

After you have selected the programming field and the languages that will be required in that field, you have to start working on learning the programming language now. Now, you must focus on how you can learn the programming language.

There are multiple options with the help of which you can learn these languages. You can learn it from online sources, coaching classes, or from the study materials that are available on the internet. All these medium will help you in getting better at programming languages so that you can start using them in your work.

5) Know your code

debugging programs

While learning programming, try to focus on the basics more. Your code must be simple and easy to understand and try to avoid writing complex codes. If there are any errors then instead of looking out for solutions, try to solve those errors by yourself.

This will increase your understanding of the code. Always spend more time on analyzing the problem and thinking for solution in your code. Review your code and take others opinion on your code as this will help you in getting different ideas and getting good at programming. Always review your code more than once.

These are some of the basic things that you must keep in mind if you want to learn programming languages. All of these things will help you in making better choices if you want to learn programming or make a career out of it.

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