python programming

What is Python Programming Language? Learn Basic Programs in Python

April 29, 2020

Python is one of the oldest programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in the year 1989. It is considered as one of the basic languages that a person must know if they want to enter in the field of programming and web development. Python programming language is open source and object-oriented. The biggest advantage of using python programming is its rich library and amazing community support.

python programming

Python programming is currently in demand and its usage has been constantly increasing. The reason behind its increased demand recently is its usage in artificial intelligence and machine learning. There are many job opportunities for python developers such as Research analyst, Data analyst, Software developer, etc. Python Programming is one of the most efficient programming languages and that is the reason some of the top companies like NASA, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. use it.

As we can see how Artificial Intelligence is currently taking over everything, so in future the demand for Python programming will be very high because it is one of the best languages to use for developing AI and machine learning.

Advantages of Python Programming

Python programming is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, MacOS, and Windows. It is very simple to learn and read, this makes it a perfect programming language for any beginner. Python programming provides strong integration and also has the ability of text processing. Python offers flexibility and is very stable.

Great library and huge community support are the added features of this programming language. It is a simple language and can do complex tasks, it also allows you to create prototypes quickly so that you can test them easily. Because of all these reasons, python is preferred for AI and machine learning.
Some libraries in the python programming language that are helpful in Artificial intelligence and machine learning are mentioned below along with their usage.

1) Numpy

It is generally used for scientific computing and performing various other numerical operations.

2) Scipy

It is used for mathematical functions and provides modules for tasks like scientific programming, linear algebra, integration, differential equation, etc.

3) Scikit-learn

It is one of the best Python programming library for AI and machine learning as it provides tools like classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and regression.

4) Theano

It is used to efficiently calculate multi-dimensional arrays for mathematical operations. Theano works faster on the Graphics Processing Unit.

5) TensorFlow

TensorFlow is mainly used for numerical computing and large scale machine learning. This makes machine learning fast and efficient.

6) Pandas

Data analysis and data manipulation can be done with the help of Pandas. It can be used for various forms of data like Tabular data, Time series data, unlabeled data, arbitrary mix data, etc.

7) Keras

Keras is an open-source neural network library that is used for evaluating deep learning models. It is very quick and also offers large community support.

8) Pytorch

It is used for building a neural network based on deep learning models. The main feature of this Python programming library is that it provides speed and flexibility.

9) Seaborn

It is specifically used for statistical data visualization and is based on matplotlib. It provides an interface for statistical graphics.
Apart from the above-mentioned libraries, there are numerous other libraries like PymL, PyBrain, pyDatalog, ffnet, Quepy, etc. that are helpful in AI and Machine learning and hence make python the most suitable language for it.

You can develop a variety of applications by using the python programming language. It is dynamically typed language, hence it is not important to specify the type of variable. Python programming languages can be easily integrated with other programming languages like C, C++, Java, ActiveX, etc.

For a beginner, if you are planning to learn python programming then the first thing you will come across is a program for printing ‘hello world’. One of the most basic and famous python programs is the Fibonacci series. Other python programming equations are Mathematical functions, lists, strings, recursions, file handling, graphs, games, dynamic programming, etc.

Here we are printing some basic programs to get started

1) Hello World

Syntax :

print(‘Hello, world!’)


Python Programming Hello World

2) n-th Fibonacci number

There are three methods for this program

Recursion(First Method):

# Function for nth Fibonacci number

def Fibonacci(n):
if n<0:
print(“Incorrect input”)
# First Fibonacci number is 0
elif n==1:
return 0
# Second Fibonacci number is 1
elif n==2:
return 1
return Fibonacci(n-1)+Fibonacci(n-2)

# Driver Program



Python Programming for Fibonacci Series- 1

Dynamic Programming (Second Method):

# Function for nth fibonacci number – Dynamic Programming
# Taking 1st two fibonacci numbers as 0 and 1

FibArray = [0,1]

def fibonacci(n):
if n<0:
print(“Incorrect input”)
elif n<=len(FibArray):
return FibArray[n-1]
temp_fib = fibonacci(n-1)+fibonacci(n-2)
return temp_fib

# Driver Program



Python Programming for Fibonacci Series- 2

Dynamic Programming with space optimization(Third Method):

# Function for nth fibonacci number – Space Optimization
# Taking 1st two fibonacci numbers as 0 and 1

def fibonacci(n):
a = 0
b = 1
if n < 0:
print(“Incorrect input”)
elif n == 0:
return a
elif n == 1:
return b
for i in range(2,n):
c = a + b
a = b
b = c
return b

# Driver Program



Python programming for fibonacci numbers-3

There is high demand for skilled professionals for Python programming. Adequate knowledge of programming languages is a basic requirement. Python programming language is very simple and easy and is considered as the best language for AI. Because of the versatility of the Python programming language, there will be a huge requirement of the professionals who possess excellent python skills.

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