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12 Tips To Make Engaging PPT For Final Year Project

January 13, 2022

Giving a PowerPoint presentation needs a lot of preparation in preparing the slides and presenting. If you have to make a PowerPoint presentation for the final year project, then you need to work harder with your slides. If you are not aware of the PowerPoint design principles then you should learn to create a slide show with your best work. A poorly designed presentation might leave your audience confused and bored. If you are wondering, something is incorrect about your presentation, then, there are a few tips that will make your PowerPoint presentation engrossing and engaging. Ensure that the audience does not zone out and stop listening. You should also include specific self-explanatory slides and, your presentation should also include the main ideas and keywords to induce talking points.

Are you thinking about how to choose the correct keywords for your presentation, then scroll down to get your answer?

Tips To Make PPT For A Final Year Project

1. Plan Your Content First


While making a presentation, the goal is to tell a story while sharing the necessary content. So, to inform the audience and also persuade them to adopt our point of view, the presenter should identify and plan the content first. Thus, you need to identify all the parts of the story to accomplish your goals and use this presentation to tell your story.

2. The Research

If you are making PPT for the mini-project, then, there is a strong need for research. Research all the ideas, and then pick the right ideas that you want to present. Break all the ideas into small parts to explain. Each part must be well researched for the presenter to be well prepared.

3. Keep It Simple

keep presentation simple

The slide should be like a canvas to share your story. You should not include extraneous details in the templates, figures, graphs, and tables. The process of cognitive learning for the user information can be eased with simple slides. The additional piece of information makes it hard for your audience to follow the presentation.

4. Keep Font Big (30 Px Onward Is Preferable)

The font should be readable to the audience, and thus, it is advisable to keep a font size of 30 points. If your presentation room is large, it should be big enough for everyone in the back row to read the slides. How much text should be included in your slides?

5. Choose Readable Colours And Fonts

clear fonts in final year presentation

You should choose script-based fonts that are easy to read in terms of calligraphy. A font that is easy to read and concise should be chosen. It will ensure that your presentation does not overshadow the talking points.

6. Follow The 5/5/5 Rule

To keep the audience from feeling overwhelmed, keep the text on every slide short. It should be to the point. It is suggested that you use the 5/5/5 rule, which means no more than five words per line, five lines per slide, and five text-heavy slides consecutively.

7. Use A Plain Background And Remove Any Unnecessary Detail

Remove Any Unnecessary Detail

You do not want to take your audience’s interest away from the significant information. Thus, it is suggested that a plain background be used and the slide should not contain any unnecessary details. Which are the best apps to find themes for your PPT?

8. Use Pictures Appropriately

A fun or thematic presentation should not have more than the necessary pictures. You should choose easily decipherable pictures. For this reason, you should avoid script-based fonts and stick solely to serif and sans serif fonts.

9. Don’t Mention More Than 6 Points In Each Slide

Another rule of presentation is the 6×6 rule. It states that the slide must have no more than six bullet points. Each line in the slide should not have over six words. The rule helps to avoid dense and packed content on the slide.

10. One Idea Per Slide

One Idea Per presentation Slide

A basic rule of presentation is that you should have just a few bullet points on every slide. If you do not add any bullet points, this will also help in keeping your audience engaged. If you need to add bullets; then, you should ensure that there are only a few bullets on every slide.

11. Add One Of Those Points Which You Are Good At

The presenter must use a few points on which they are confident. If you are well versed with some information and can present it well, then adding it to your presentation will make you look confident. Include some ideas in the presentation, to make it look more personal and authentic.

12. Don’t Use Too Many Colours, Animation, And Sound Effects

PowerPoint themes have the option of including premade colours, animations, and sound effects. Some of them are a little bland and take away the focus of your audience. Instead, you can use other apps to add engrossing colours and themes to your presentation.


If you want to create an effective project presentation PPT for final year engineering, then these tips will be helpful. You can use the final year PPT presentation tips to create a presentation that is well remembered. If you have to prepare a solo presentation then, you should spend some time creating an effective presentation. There is nothing worse than watching the speaker repeatedly hunt for information. To avoid such embarrassment, you should follow all the above points and create a presentation and present effectively.