7 Reasons You Should Learn Web Development in 2020

December 12, 2019

Starting from tiny handheld devices to giant digital media, the web is everywhere you could think of! Developing a website is all about combining your creativity with your technical skills and you are all set to bang the world of web development. Whether it is about a financial firm, healthcare or government owned organizations, web development is changing the way of carrying out the business

Subreddits suggests that being a web developer is one of the most secure options to make money in 2020. Web design and development is one of the most lucrative career options for many newbie programmers or individuals willing to make their career in IT industry.

If you look around, you will find plenty of programmers working as a web developer. This might confuse you whether to opt web development as your career option in 2020 or not. Well, don’t worry!

Top Reasons Why You Should Learn Web Development for Your Career

1. Job Opportunities – Anytime, Anywhere

Bureau of Labour Statistics has revealed that the employment of the web developers will raise by 27% during 2014 to 2024 in the USA. And the similar trend will be seen in other countries too! So, if you learn web development at this moment, getting job in web development and coding is guaranteed.

2. Quick and Easy To Learn

The thought of mastering web development could be a little frustrating for the unknown. But it is essential to know that if you are not aware about anything in web development, you have plenty of options available that will help you sharpen your web development skills in a couple of weeks. According to the survey from Stack Overflow, it is found that 36.9% of the beginners managed to establish their career as a web developer between one to four years.

3. Flexibility of Working from Almost Anywhere!

Being a web developer, you can leverage from the benefit of working either in IT Company or as a freelancer at your own. All you need to have is a laptop with necessary tools and code base, and connectivity! In fact, many giant IT companies are allowing resources to work remotely if required. So, no need to stick in monotonous 9 to 5 jobs.

4. Expand Your Creativity

While working web development projects, you will always get chance to demonstrate your hidden creativity. Moreover, you can experiment in learning various front-end technologies that will help you become skilled in designing and developing engaging websites for your client.

5. Easy To Make More MONEY!

Of course, job opportunities are projected to increase exponentially. But what about the salary? Well, most of you might be curious to know how much money a web developer can make these days. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is found that by 2020, the average salary of a developer will grow by 5%. However, the salary might change based on the type of industry and domain you are planning to get into!

6. Get a Chance to Work in MNC’s

One of the biggest benefits of being web developer is that you get filthy opportunities to work with some of the leading MNCs. Since the job is always in-demand, top companies are always in hunt for a good talent. Moreover, you can get additional perks like food, transportation and more.

7. Get A Chance To Become SELF-EMPLOYED!

If you are not comfortable working as in-house full-time developer, you can always look for the freelancing opportunities from local as well as international clients. There are plenty of portals and websites available where you can register as a web developer and start getting work at your own.

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Aside to this, if you are not familiar with HTML & CSS, Java/JavaScript, Python, PHP & SQL or .NET, don’t worry! You can always get chance to master any of these programming languages and utilize the same to design front-end and back-end of the websites.

Deciding a career is always a daunting task, specifically if you are not sure what will be result of the time and money you invest in learning. However, you can always join IT training institute like LogicRays Academy to learn web design and development in Ahmedabad and possess exciting career in web development.