10 Important Reasons to Learn Reactjs in 2020

February 19, 2020

Reactjs is present days widely known JavaScript Library for creating User Interfaces, maintained by Facebook, a group of companies, and individual developers. It is a flexible open-source and one of the most sought after programming language.

You can build advanced, rapid Single Page Applications or websites with Reactjs.

What is Reactjs?

Reactjs is a modern front-end library, here front-end refers to the client-side or user interface which runs in the browser. The library helps in building new and reusing old user interfaces. Reactjs is great support for mobile or single page application development.

Reactjs allows a creative development of large web applications using data modifiable over time without having to reload the page. Its main aim is to remain simple, extendable, and fast. Learning Reactjs can be considered as a blooming investment. 2020 is already started and many college students, aspired developers and freshers wanted to learn and explore something new this year so, LogicRays academy provides them 10 best and important reasons to learn Reactjs in 2020.

10 Reasons to learn Reactjs in 2020

#1 Reactjs is Declarative

Instead of an imperative order, Reactjs is declarative. It is the simplest way of developing apps, and here’s why you can learn:

You need not suggest to the app the state of representation — you need to specify what you need. It is fast, easy, and there’s less possibility of a human error. Reactjs is faster to develop with.

#2 Reactjs Native makes App Development more straightforward

The philosophical feature of Reactjs is to learn just once and write wherever you want.

Once you are well aware of the art and thoughts behind Reactjs, you will be comfortable creating complete functional applications for both iOS and Android. You need not study two distinct ways of app representation. Once you are finished with Reactjs learning, you can showcase your latest products quickly and widely to users.

#3 The Amazing React community

The large Reactjs community comprises dedicated developers that help grow and maintain the open-source library, with everyone capable of contributing their composition to the library in their own way.

The Reactjs community is persistent with the excellent tools to collaborate with, including Reactjsdevtools and Reactjs Profiler.

#4 Reactjs is Widely about Reusable Components

React is widely component-based and saves money and time on development. You can renew an interface into reusable components that lets you create even more robust user interfaces.

#5 Reactjs is popular among reputed organizations

It is proven to perform at magnitudes. A Facebook product, now in use in many of their apps. Reactjs primarily provides developers with the potential to work with a web browser that is user-friendly, compelling and providing quality interfaces.

Reactjs has created new ways by providing various possibilities to programmers to help develop more creativity.

#6 Reactjsis SEO-friendly

Reactjs is of wide acclaim as a friendly JavaScript library for all SEO purposes. It allows programmers to develop UIs that can browse best on other search engines. Reuse of a single element in multiple user interfaces, and can contain other components. Easy to adopt and its UI focused designs is also another aspect.

#7 Reactjs covers JavaScript

JavaScript is the cutting edge of current thinking in development. Reactjs is a JavaScript library and fully uses its capabilities.

Reactjs is compliant; you can use Reactjs at no risk since it offers a simpler programming model and better performance.

#8 Reactjs is impartial

Reactjs is impartial, allowing you to make the choice of use and adaption, which is possible only if you learn to use JavaScript. It encourages the creativity of reusable UI components, which present data that evolves over time

#9 Reactjs is a futuristic gain to your career and financial growth

Being at the forefront, Reactjs is flexible, giving you freedom of access with no barriers around. Proficiency in Reactjs will enhance your progress in building SPA applications. Providing fast access, better applications, low development and maintenance cost in increasing efficiency, ROI and productivity is what all leading enterprises look forward to.

#10 Reactjs has a fast learning curve

Compared to other libraries, or programming languages, Reactjs is relatively easy to learn. With just basic knowledge of it, you can build your apps with just a few days of learning.

Looking at affordability, many organizations now look to Reactjs because of its non-devaluation features, and its team commitment.


Envisaging the future trends in designing attractive leading-edge applications, the benefits of Reactjs is umpteen to the developers. A blooming gain to the developer.

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