Reasons to Learn Python development in 2020

10 Reasons to Learn Python Programming Language in 2020

December 12, 2019

Python is booming these days! If you try to Google about the popular programming languages in 2020, you will come to know that Python trending everywhere! Being a newbie developer or a student, you might be wondering why Python is so popular even though it is too slow, right? Well, Python is more productive as compared to other programming languages and it has rich set of libraries and frameworks that makes it a strong competitor of other languages.

Below are the best reasons Why Python Programming is so Popular now a day

1. Opportunities in Data Science

One of the main reasons why you should learn Python programming in 2020 is because of its libraries and framework. Python brings plethora of frameworks like PyMySQL, NumPy, PyBrain, Pandas and so on. Another reason that makes it more suitable for data science is its capability to provide diversity. You can create scripts, automate various components and a lot more with Python!

2. Deep Roots of Machine Learning

Machine learning is grown like anything in last couple of years! Whether it is about search algorithms, chat bots or on-demand apps, machine learning is everywhere! And if you wish to dive into it, learning Python can make your life easy. Of course, there are couple of programming languages offers libraries and other stuff for machine learning, but Python has largest community for data science and Machine learning!

3. Making Web Development Quicker & Easy!

Whether it is about Django or Flask, you will find plenty of libraries and frameworks available in Python. This will make developing web application an easy task for the newbie programmers. The task that might require a couple of hours in other programming languages will be completed in a few minutes in Python!

4. Aids Simplicity

Any student or a newbie programmer will never like to start with the programming language that is too complicated and difficult to write code. When we talk about Python, it brings simplicity for the developers with readable and simple syntax. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about setting up classpath or managing complier issues.

5. Diverse and Large Developer’s Community

Being a newbie programmer or a student, you will always seek help from the technical community to master any programming language. And Python has a huge community of developers in Stack Overflow and other platforms. So, if you are stuck somewhere, all you need to do is to post your query and you will get your answer in a couple of minutes!

6. Ample Libraries and Frameworks

Python brings enormous libraries and frameworks that will help you focus on the business logic rather than worrying about technical aspects. With a huge number of open source libraries, frameworks and modules, you can do whatever you wish to do in Python. Moreover, Python has a big collection of various libraries like TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, and more, which will boost your efforts in machine learning and data science.

7. Quick to Automate

Have you ever come across applications where you need to automate certain functionalities using a simple command? If yes, then Python could be of great help! You can quickly write utilities that will help you automate your activities on the go in Python.

8. Tailored to Fit in Your Requirements!

One of the biggest benefits of learning Python is that it is multipurpose! This means, it is not bound to a specific type of applications. Whether you wish to develop a web application, machine learning applications or anything else, you can find a variety of frameworks that will simplify you work.

9. Ample Opportunities for Jobs and Growth

Python is growing rapidly and there is no denying in it! And it has opened new doors of opportunities for the developers as many organizations in hunt for the professionals with a good knowledge of Python. This means that learning Python will help you get your job quickly and boost your growth!

10. Python Developers Paid Well

Python developers paid highest salary, specifically when dealing with machine learning, web development, and data science. If you check Indeed, you will find that on an average Python developer are paid between 70000 USD to 150000 USD based on their location, experience, and area of work.

The reasons discussed above definitely make sense to learn Python in 2020. If you are interested to learn Python, it is crucial to find a reliable and professional institute. Learn Python from basic at LogicRays Academy and get a brighter future. For further python training details feel free to contact us or you can call us on +91- 9316806997.