Why is PHP web development still relevant in 2020?

Why is PHP Web Development Still Relevant in 2020?

December 14, 2020

PHP programming language is compatible with almost all servers and it can be used for controlling user access and encrypting the data. With PHP programming language users can build an e-commerce website and developers can also restrict the users from visiting any specific webpage. PHP is an easy to learn and free to use programming language that is supported by various operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux, etc.  PHP was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf and PHP is generally used for the process of web development. Developers use PHP language to make changes in their database and create dynamic page content.

The PHP programming language can be used with HTML, XML, JavaScript, WML, etc. because it is an embedded language. With PHP you get the feature of code reusability because it is a partial object-oriented programming language. The PHP is a server-side script, it can be used in command-line scripting, and writing desktop applications. PHP is a simple, efficient, and flexible programming language and you can easily connect it with various databases. Regular updates in PHP programming language makes it a perfect language to use for web-based software applications development. There are numerous career opportunities in PHP because with PHP you can do a lot of things like generate dynamic page content, collect form data, encrypt data, send & receive cookies, modify data in the database, etc.

PHP development in 2020

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PHP is the most widely used programming language for web development and a lot of websites are built with PHP. There are numerous reasons as to why PHP programming language is still in trend. Here, we have mentioned some of the advantages of PHP programming language that makes it the most preferred choice for web development.

1) PHP is improving

The demand of the PHP programming language is continuously increasing because of the feature it offers and there are regular updates in this programming language. The regular updates have improved the programming language and these updates make PHP ready for new challenges. You can perform various tasks with PHP like data gathering, integration with mobile, etc. PHP is a user-friendly programming language and with regular updates it has become more efficient and it can carry out more diverse and complex tasks easily. The reason why PHP is still the most preferred language for web development is the regular updates and continuous improvements.

2) Scope in WordPress development

With PHP programming language you can easily connect to the database to get the information and that is the reason why WordPress uses PHP programming language. WordPress collects the data from the database using the PHP programming language and then output that data as HTML. Using PHP with WordPress gives you more flexibility because then you do not have to create every single page using HTML. With the help of templates and plug-ins in WordPress you can create as many web pages as you need easily. There are numerous functions that you can use in PHP with WordPress and those functions are specifically written for WordPress.

3) Easy to learn and can be used with different technologies

PHP programming language is very simple, and it has well organized syntax. It has a very clean code that is easily understandable. If you have knowledge about other programming languages, then you can easily learn and work on PHP programming language. Developers can easily perform any function as the command functions are easy to understand. PHP is a user-friendly language and it can be mastered easily. The PHP programming language can be used on almost all operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, etc. The applications developed in the PHP programming language can run on almost all major platforms and you can also integrate PHP with other programming languages and databases. It is a platform independent and efficient programming language that helps developers save a lot of time and money.

4) PHP is the web

PHP is a powerful yet simple programming language with numerous amazing frameworks that are used to make coding easy and save a lot of time. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP programming language frameworks and it comes with built-in templates so that you can easily manage complex web applications. The most preferred framework of PHP programming language is Symfony as it allows developers to develop complex and large-scale enterprise projects. Various other popular PHP programming language frameworks are CakePHP, FuelPHP, Zend framework, etc. With PHP programming language you can create simple and stable applications.

5) PHP is an employable skill

PHP is an easy-to-use programming language compared to others and it is the first choice for web development. It gets regular updates which makes this programming language more stable and efficient. Although it is an old programming language it is still used in performing various tasks and it is used in a lot of big websites. PHP is a user-friendly language, and it is easy to learn. Because of its amazing frameworks it is widely used in a lot of fields. Hence, there are numerous job opportunities if you decide to enter the field of PHP development.

These are some of the reasons as to why PHP is one of the most reliable programming languages for web development even after all this time.

Popular websites that use PHP

A lot of websites are built with PHP programming language. Here, we have mentioned some of the most popular websites that have used PHP programming language,

1. Wikipedia

2. Facebook

3. Yahoo

4. Mailchimp

5. Tumblr

6. Flickr

Career in PHP web development

There are ample job opportunities in the field of PHP web development. Hence, if you are looking to make a career as a PHP developer then Logicrays Academy is the best place to get PHP training with live project develoment. At Logicrays Academy you can learn from experts and trained professionals that will help you build your career in this field. Here, you can work on live projects and learn from the best PHP developers. Students can learn about creating websites and also about the fundamentals of MySQL in conjunction with PHP and other platforms.