PHP Course: One of the Most Recommended Online Courses in 2021

May 10, 2021

These days businesses have started understanding the benefits of using the internet and being present online. This has bought an increase in the use of online tools for enterprise purposes. This has also paved the way for building better websites. And now the developers have started building dynamic websites. To implement PHP course are very useful.

PHP is a tool that makes the process of developing dynamic websites easier. The development of dynamic websites is easier when you learn PHP online which is a scripting language on the server-side. Learning PHP online provides many benefits and this is the major reason why it is used extensively.

PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor language is a great tool for building high-class websites. As almost 70% of websites are being built using PHP, it has turned into a large community and the tools and frameworks are used widely.

Why to Learn PHP Course Online?

There is a huge community that learns PHP online and they keep developing new versions to ensure continuous upgradation. As most professionals have been working from home during this pandemic, they have some time on their hands. Should you immediately start learning PHP courses online?

It is a good step to start learning about the development of web applications online. Studying online PHP courses will be the first step that will help you build a rewarding career.

Learning PHP courses for programming online helps hugely when it fits the skill level of the students. The main reason why online courses are preferred is that they fit at every level of experience. Are you a PHP beginner or a professional?

Job Opportunities and Salary for A PHP Developer

About 256 programming languages are present in the world and PHP training is one of the most popular programming languages. PHP is one of the high-demand languages and this is the reason why there are huge job opportunities for a PHP developer is significantly increasing in India.

PHP developers use PHP to create a system that is easily manageable and provides better access to data and reports. The job postings with PHP have increased by 2,000 as compared with the previous years.

The qualifications and skills that are required for a successful PHP developer include a bachelor’s degree. The ideal skills, experiences, and education give an edge to people who are considering a career in PHP. A computer science course and web programming courses provide better skills for PHP developers.

The PHP developer salary increases with PHP training and as the set of skills increases, there are better chances of earning more. How quickly can you grow with PHP learning?

Average Salary of PHP Developer

The average salary for a PHP developer is Rs.350,000/- per annum. The salary can start from Rs. 150,000/- per annum and can reach up to Rs. 600,000/year. This also depends on PHP training location and employer. The salary of PHP developers increases as people gain experience. Top companies provide higher salaries as compared to the average salary.

PHP is a popular server-side scripting language and it is being used widely around the world. Understanding PHP gives a huge boost to your career. If you keep updating skills then better career options emerge with PHP training.

The best thing to do is indulge in PHP learning and this will keep you relevant in the business or technological world. Many online courses help in continuing learning even with a job.

Benefits of PHP Learning Online


1) PHP is easy:

Being a server-side scripting language, learn PHP online courses can be learned easily when compared to other languages. It can be easy to pick PHP if you have prior knowledge of the syntax of Perl or C.

2) PHP is efficient:

The language can help developers to enhance the website’s performance. All the websites that are built in PHP are scalable and this increases the efficiency of building websites.

3) PHP is not dependent on Platform:

PHP supports all platforms and major web browsers including Windows, Linux, macOS, or UNIX

4) PHP training gives control:

All languages use bigger scripts, but PHP employs only a few code lines. They provide the highest level of control over websites. It is easy to edit and make changes to these websites with PHP courses.

5) PHP is Cost-efficient:

PHP being an open-source language, does not cost much. It does not need any expensive software and the website can be developed with negligible costs.

6) Large Community for Support:

PHP has been used by numerous people and thus there is a large community that is formed around it. There is huge support from this community if someone is stuck with PHP.

7) Supports all Servers:

PHP also supports all the major web servers; be it Apache or Microsoft IIS. It also supports Netscape and the personal web server.

8) PHP is Quick:

As PHP uses its memory, the server has less workload and the time for loading gets reduced. This increases the processing speed and also reduces development time. The web apps like CRM and eCommerce are thus built quickly.

9) Secured:

PHP is one of the most secure methods of website development. Web applications with PHP help to add a good layer of security layer to the websites and protect them from threats like viruses.

What are the best PHP courses to learn?


1) Learning The Language 

This is a great course for beginners. It includes an introductory course on the PHP language. And includes various modules including PHP variables, conditions, loops, PHP functions string functions, date and time functions.

2) Database Connectivity 

The course includes DBMS & RDBMS, PHP & MySQL, creating database and tables in MySQL, file uploading in PHP, Group By And Order By, SQL Join, SQL Injection, SQL Aggregate Functions, and PHP Session

3) Advance PHP 

The course includes OPS Concept, final keyword, scope resolution, abstraction interface, traits, type hinting, constructor destructor, object Iteration, Log Generation, File Handling, and JavaScript

4) Application To Industrial Projects

This module includes implement session management, file uploading with the project, integration with web services, embedding learn PHP online, Code into HTML Pages, Product Catalog, Payment Gateway Integration, Bootstrap template Integration and Implement Email Sending and Security

5) PHP With CMS

There are many different types of CMS available and they help to make website development easier. This is especially true for people with no programming background. These course modules are thus pitched to website developers who want to build websites quickly with better maintenance.

The platform used with PHP CMS offers many choices to developers. They are useful as they provide criteria to choose between various PHP CMS platforms.

LogicRays Helps Students Learn PHP Online 

To advance a career and PHP learning successfully, one should perfect their skills and should enroll in the online PHP course. The PHP learning courses need higher discipline and passion. LogicRays Academy Ahmedabad is among the superior institutions that provide professional PHP learning courses online and PHP training in India.

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