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Scope for C and C++ Programmers: Learn C Programming in Ahmedabad

October 9, 2020

C is a general-purpose programming language that is associated with the UNIX operating system that was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C language is one of the most widely used programming languages because it is simple and flexible. C programming language has numerous arithmetic, bitwise, and logic operators. C is the base for any programming language. If you learn C programming, then it gets easier to learn any other programming language. C programming language is majorly used in embedded systems, developing system applications, and developing desktop applications. Various applications of Adobe are developed using C programming language. Other than that C programming language is also used for developing database or operating system, compiler production, and in IOT applications.

Overall, C is a robust, structure-oriented programming language that is supported by different operating systems and hardware platforms. C has fewer libraries and it executes programs much faster compared to other programming languages. Recently a lot of browsers or applications are designed by using C/C++ language. Currently there are lot of opportunities available and in future the demand of C/C++ will continue to grow because of its functionality.

C programming language

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There are various programming languages out there like Python, Java, Ruby, HTML, etc. and every programming language has different features. C is a very popular programming language that is preferred by a lot of people over other programming languages. Here, we have mentioned the advantages and benefits and why most of the people select C programming language.

Easy Programming

C is a simple and efficient programming language. In the C programming language you can easily understand the written code. The simplicity of this programming language makes it easier for people to understand it. C is one of the oldest and fastest programming languages because it is designed in such a way.

Strong Library Support

Various programming languages and some amazing libraries are built by C. Hence, if you have mastered the C programming language then it becomes easier for you to learn other programming languages also. The python programming language and Numpy library are the best examples of it because the python interpreter is implemented in C and the core module of Numpy library is also implemented in C. This is why C programming language is recommended before learning any other programming language. Eventually, you can develop applications efficiently.

Better Performance

C is a general purpose and portable programming language and hence it can efficiently work on scripting system applications, enterprise applications, graphics, applications requiring calculations, etc.

C programming language provides a better performance because you can find the issues faster that can have an impact on the performance compared to the other programming languages. These problems or issues can be cache miss, trade off of context switching, etc. Hence, with C programming languages you can identify and resolve such issues quickly and enhance the performance.

Efficient Programming

As C is a structured programming language, you can break any complex program into simple programs that are known as functions. It is also a case sensitive language; hence you have to be very careful while using upper case and lower-case letters as they both are used in a different way.

C programming language is a middle level of language that includes the features of both high level and low-level programming languages. It can be used in low level programming and also for writing scripts for computer-based software. C programming language also offers support for applications and high-level programming language.

In the C programming language you can use only one statement to perform multiple numbers of tasks. The return values can also be ignored when they are not used.

One of the best features and advantages of using C programming language is the ability of C to extend itself. There are numerous functions available in C programming language and eventually these functions make the programming tasks easy and simple.

Robust Architecture

C programming language has a very rich library that has numerous in-built functions. C language also provides dynamic memory allocation. With the help of dynamic memory allocation, you can allocate the memory to complex data structures like arrays.

C compiler is comparatively very fast than the compiler of other programming languages. The C compiler can easily compile huge code in seconds. The maintenance of code is also easy because of its readability. All these things make the C programming language more efficient than other languages.

Community Support

Community becomes an important part of any programming language. If the community is big then you get a lot of support and help from the fellow developers. As we all know that C is the oldest and one of the most popular programming languages and that is why it has a huge community. Large community also means that a lot of people will be working on building tools that will make the development in the particular language easy.

Scope in C and C++ Programming

c/c++ programming

These are some of the advantages and benefits of C programming language. C++ is almost the same as the C programming language and it was developed in 1998. The major difference between this two-programming language is that C programming language is a procedural programming language, whereas, C++ is procedural as well as object-oriented programming language.

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