10 Best Graphic design Trends that Will Revolutionize Art in 2021

May 7, 2021

Do you want to know about upcoming graphic design trends? Are you looking for the best place to learn graphic design in Ahmedabad? Do you wish to take up the trending graphic designing courses?

This write-up is your answer.

Graphic Designing enhances communication through art. It helps to convey ideas effectively and beautifully. The latest technology and trends reflect customer needs. New fashions and better techniques help to push onwards and upwards.

This helps the industry to keep ahead of the competition. Thus, graphic courses are helping designers towards a raging career option for students from all walks of life. And the career is not just limited to website design, it also enhances company logos, branding, marketing, and general illustration.

Why Know Graphic Design Trends?

All designing students need to upgrade their knowledge. As the creative horizon is expanding every day, both novices and professionals need skill upgradation. This is true for both designing aspirants as well as professional graphic designers.

They need to continuously update their skills. Many graphic design courses online offer these skills. They teach students advanced techniques which help them to stand out in their industry. Students also benefit as they need to understand what happens in the creative zone.

Many premier educational institutions now offer graphic design courses. They also offer graphic courses through distance learning. The graphic courses help in learning the key elements of the subject. There are elements in website designing that include easy navigation, faster speed, and increased security. The courses thus help students to focus on the latest graphic design trends.

 Upcoming Graphic Design Trends for 2021

Below are the most probable graphic design trends that will come in 2021.

1. 3D Typography Design


Images Source: Masterpicks

The trend of Typography design got popular in 2020. The graphic designers started using lively concepts and ideas. Typography has an artistic flow and this is the trend that is picking up in 2021. The next graphic design trend is 3D typography which goes a step ahead of similar ideas. The popular typography designs for 2021 are the trends of 2020 that will now become 3D.

This typography includes realistic lettering which gives a feel and touch to the letters. Other elements that are included in 3D typography are texture, animation, and pattern. Typography design has rapidly turned into a symbol of innovation. Graphic design trend utilizes fashionable techniques and it also uses them in innovative and stunning ways

2. Emoji Design

The most ubiquitous form of Emoji is enabling designers to mix emotion with sites and printed media. Graphic designers enhance their tone of voice by using various types of emojis. These are becoming more popular by the day and are the main feature when it comes to communication.

Even social media applications like Instagram attract Emoji interaction. All types of designs use Emojis to create reaction and response. They also help to keep the conversation light.

3. Typography Chaos Design


Image Source: decolore.net

Typography is an important tool that is used by web designers to their full advantage. They are a reflection of culture and art is also reflected in society. The vintage typography styles are coming back into style and reigning.

The “CHAOS” typography is the most appropriate design that is becoming popular with designers. The typography involves the absence of letter or text alignment. This also includes mixing letter order and words. The idea of this typography is breaking rules.

4. Geometric Shapes Design

The graphic design trend is picking up in 2021. This design works on the idea of blending individual shapes and creating complex shapes designs. The use of larger blocks or solids with strong outlines and colors is mixed to get inventive combinations.

The idea is to break from reality by underling how simple geometrical designs can grow into something more complex and creative. These blocks build more recognizable designs and ideas. These relationships formed much bigger and become grander than all the individual parts. They are thus ideal in the idea of infographics. The design is both noticeable and cool and helps to depict images in a better way.

5. Gold Design

Another trend to look out for in 2021 is that of metallic effects. The design is becoming trendy and cool. This design has already become popular especially in smartphones. Thus, it is set to become a prominent feature in 2021.

The design fits in the frame of minimalist design. They have distinctive interests and they work on the detailed elements that help to catch attention.

6. Voxel Art Design


Image Source: Pinterest

A voxel is the next version of a 2D pixel and is a 3D cube. They are well placed in video games. The style is highly recognizable among designers. This style has climbed the stairs of the graphic design world and is going to be a big fashion choice in 2021.

As 3D is becoming a big player in designing, it is predicted that shape elements will be used for highly interesting creations. Voxel art is a combination of shape elements and interesting creations. It is a visual technique that is both retro and modern.

7. Optical Illusion Design


Image Source: Catawiki

An optical illusion is an image that the brain doesn’t perceive immediately and is also an eye trick. The biggest advantage of this design is that it helps to hold attention. Thus, this helps the viewer to stay on a website. Optical Illusion design will be becoming big in 2021 and the designs will start experimenting with this fashion.

The trend is helpful with the brands that want to communicate the idea of spirituality, movement, and eccentricity. It helps the design to look different and to get etched in your memory.

8. Cartoon Illustrations in Design

These illustrations help designs to stand out especially when the competition is using heavy graphics. They promise a cleaner look with minimalist illustrations. These illustrations are interesting and varied and they use multi-technique to enhance the design while keeping it on point.

These designs should be standing with your ethos. Custom cartoon characters are the next prevalent design trend that is going to be huge in the illustration world in 2021.

9. Nature-Inspired Design


Image Source: eVolo

These designs are softer and more organic. The design trends are more natural and they have come up on the charts and the sidelines of topmost trends. Many ideas comprise this design. They include softer colors, natural lights, softer nature elements, earthy tones, and natural color schemes. This design is gradually coming back into fashion in 2021.

The trend highlights minimalistic and muted palettes with illustrations that employ color filters. These filters are designed to form natural ambiances and textures that feature stones and wood. These signs indicate a huge push in the trend and the design is bringing back a trend that was not popular recently.

10. Monochrome & Duotone Design

The idea that is raging in modern design includes the idea of a limited palette. This has been influenced by a cool, trendy, and smooth look. The vibe compensates for heavy and cluttered illustrations and complex graphics.

This also helps graphic designers by employing simpler elements over complex elements. The simpler color themes help to simplify the design. The complicated combination of features helps to play off against other elements.

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