Android projects for final year

Top 12 Android Projects for Final Year Students [Beginners to Advanced Level]

December 15, 2022

Android is said to be one of the largest operating systems on mobile phones, tablets, Smartwatches, Smart television sets, notebooks, and others. Most of the applications are Android-friendly for this reason. Android is an open-source operating system. The need for applications is in huge demand. Companies are looking for skilled Android app developers. Languages like Java and Kotlin are enough for you to develop an Android application. Companies are willing to pay the highest for projects that allure the users. Don’t worry if you have an android project submission. Android project for the final year becomes easy as we share ideas and concepts to help you become a professional Android developer.

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How to Choose a Topic for Final Year Android Project?

Android projects’ ideas can only go right if it interests you. Pick a topic that you are familiar with. It will ease you to build your Android Project effortlessly. Keep the following things in mind before you decide on developing your Android project:

  • The project should be user-friendly.
  • Research well about the project theme.
  • Plan your Project with the timeline.
  • Consult your lecturers and seniors. 
  • Seek help from IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and Android development frameworks.
  • Choose a language that you are a pro with.
  • Make your final year project presentation(PPT) properly.
  • It should be tried and tested before you head to publish it.

Best Android Projects for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced  

Students often get baffled as to what projects to take on. Developing an Android project becomes child’s play if you know the basic know-how of Java and Kotlin language. Here are 12 Android projects ideas to help you ace the race against others.

1. Tic Tac Toe Game

What once was a paper game is now on Android, a two-player game. A player chooses either X or an O to play on a grid on 3X3. The objective is for the player who succeeds to 3 marks of their mark X or O, vertical, diagonal, or horizontal, wins the game. 


  • It requires a 20 D array.
  • XML codes help the structure and the style of the activity. 
  • Use Text view to display the title and Image view on the grid.
  • Tools and Languages required- Android, Java, XML, and Studio.

2. Sudoku Game

Sudoku Game

The logical reasoning game known to challenge your brain, you can now make it the most enjoyable Android project topic. The game demands a 9X9 grid space. There are rows and columns to fill the numbers 1 to 9. No repetition of the numbers 1 to 9. The objective is to get a sum of 9 in a grid of 3X3 space and throughout the 9 X 9 grid.


  • You can provide a few spaces with numbers filled in at a beginner’s level to ease the game. You can lessen the filling and provide more empty spaces to build up the level.
  • Offer the player levels of difficulty as- 
  • Amateur
  • Beginner
  • Pro
  • Use different color backgrounds to show unsure pieces, definite pieces, and wrong pieces
  • Instruction and rules and regulations of the game.
  • Points on getting to the next level.
  • Adding more boards as a player crosses one level.
  • Tools and languages required- Android Studio and JavaScript.

3. Online Voting System

People avoid visiting voting booths for the long queues. The online voting system will curtail the lines and save time. This system is apt for colleges, schools, corporations, and other organizations.


  • It is a web-based voting system to manage elections effectively.
  • This kind of Android mini-project topic must be fully-proofed where the voting can happen with the use of OTP (One-time-password)and face recognition.
  • The online voting system will have two parties to work.
  • An admin will create a voting line, and a user will vote. 
  • Tools and languages required- Android studio, Android Emulator, JAVA, XML.

4. Easy Document Sharing App

Easy Document Sharing App

When users are fed up sharing documents through Bluetooth, an easy document-sharing app is an answer. You can develop a simple document-sharing app enabling users to share images, documents, videos or any other documents as they please after their devices are connected to wi-fi.


  • Enabling document sharing app on up to 5 devices.
  • Free installation.
  • Faster sharing speed as 20 Mb/sec.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Secured transfer procedure using QR code and password-protected hotspot name.
  • Enabling transfer of audio, video, apps, images, text, etc., seamless experience.
  • Tools and languages required- Python, Java, cross-platform compatibility, Android frameworks, libraries, plug-ins, HTML.

5. Expense Tracker App

Expense Tracker App

Online payments and tracking expenses are vital to be in the budget. Online payments are a boon. When you build up an Expense tracker app, you have a platform for users to save money and know their expense graph.


  • Expense and revenue tracking
  • Budget
  • Transaction details ( food, clothing, entertainment, etc.)
  • Different currencies
  • Payment of taxes timely
  • Secure access to accounting
  • Corporate Card
  • Mobile Receipt Upload
  • Receipt Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Spend Control
  • Tools and languages required- CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and front-end development frameworks such as Flutter and React Native.

6. Social Networking App for Final Year Android Project

Social Networking App for Final Year Android Project

These particular Social Networking Android project ideas for students will be the most lovable Project for users as it is the web world in which everyone stays connected. Your Project will work on similar grounds by featuring a project where users can enjoy chatting, messaging, sending images, videos, etc., like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat,


  • Enable audio calling
  • Provide video calling feature
  • Effortlessly file ( up to 100 MB) and image sharing
  • Instant chatting and message exchange
  • Status-changing feature
  • Tools and language required-Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, JSON, XML.

7. Train Ticketing App

 An Android project on train ticketing will aim to book train tickets on the web. It will be a faster mode of selling train tickets. It will curtail long queues at the train station.


  • Regular updates on ticket fares and tariffs.
  • Seamless registration and login.
  • Updates train schedule modules
  • User module with user name id and password who will buy tickets for the journey.
  • Admin module with user name id and password to issue, update and receive payment for the train ticket.
  • Easy payment module with internet banking facility, card options, and UPI gates.
  • Offer a Ticket window module enabling the users to know when to start buying the tickets for the journey.
  • Tools and languages required- Windows XP, Android software development kit (SDK), Android debug bridge, Java Development Kit (JDK), Notepad, Java, Android, Basic4Android, SQL, Kivy, Ms SQL Server.

8. Freelancing App

Job seekers are now looking for freelancing jobs where they can earn more than their capacity. It enables them to be away from their 9 to 5 jobs and be an entrepreneur working on their whims and fancies. A freelancing app is a game changer if you can develop it, keeping the following features in mind.


  • Tapping all the genres for work
  • Track open and pending payments
  • Creation of user’s gig and ask for the payment rate. 
  • Track hours of working and billable hours calculation.
  • Visual project management
  • Mobile support.
  • Secured payment
  • Tools and languages required- C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Python, and C#.

9. Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App

Food delivery services are reaching their peak, where most users order food from their comfort zone. Developing a food delivery app with innovative features can earn you brownie points for the Android project for the final year. 


  • Flawless food ordering process
  • Real-time GPS Tracking of food delivery.
  • Contact Information about the delivery person.
  • Wide menu with lists of restaurants.
  • Enable On-Demand Food Ordering App Push Notifications.
  • Interactive search.
  • Dedicated support
  • Tools and languages required- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web applications frameworks like Angular and React.

10. Online Shopping App

The world’s shopping fever is online. As an Android app project idea for beginners, it is one of the safest and easiest projects. The objective is to provide customers with products through their Android devices. Study the market you want your app to run and the products you want to sell. 


  • Provision for an online live product database.
  • Easy payment gate
  • Add to cart
  • Review and rating of the product
  • COD ( cash on delivery), card payment options.
  • Tools and languages required- Android studio, JAVA language, database using API, Android XML, MySQL.

11. Health Monitoring App

Health Monitoring App

There is nothing more important than being healthy. Developing a health monitoring app will benefit people to take care of their heart rate, calorie intake, total steps, and BP rate and be aware of other information. A health monitoring app is a boon in Android project ideas for final-year students. 


  • Easy registration and login
  • Engaging User experience and user interface.
  • Healthcare data security
  • Nearest clinics and hospital information
  • Live consultation feature
  • Health activity real-time tracking
  • Operation in the native language
  • Tools and languages required – Kotlin, C, C++, R language, SQL, Java, HTML, Python, XML, ASP.Net. 

12. Project Management System

The project management system is a windfall amidst tight schedules. Project management system, Android project ideas are successful as it enables the management of a project through proper planning, organizing, and execution. Users can track different tasks without any hindrances. 


  • Risk management
  • Schedule
  • Activities estimation
  • Quality management system
  • Cost controlling
  • Budget management
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting
  • resource allocating
  • Decision making
  • Tools and languages required- Android Studio, JavaScript, Java, Python, and C.

Wrap up

Here’s wishing you all the best as you enter the world of Android projects! It is a learning face where you will brush up on your coding skills and discover many other aspects as you develop apps. You can get started with 12 Android project ideas for the final-year students to redeem the perks. It is good to publish on Google Play Store once you have tried and tested it.